3 Design Ideas That Will Amaze Your Customers

You want your customers to walk into the condo you have designed for them and feel like they’ve entered a small heaven. Your clients want the condos to be innovative and functional, and through your professional expertise, you can help them design what will turn out to be their dream home. You can also work with your clients if they already have a design in mind to help them enhance and perfect the design.

Your aim as a designer, for condo interior design in Singapore, should be to help your clients design their dream home within a budget they can afford and within their deadlines. It is time to put your skills to work and give your clients something they will appreciate for a long time. Experiment with less common designs and take the road less travelled. Here is how to go about it.

1. Maximise Space

When designing a condo with little real estate, strive to make it look as large as possible. One way to make a small house seem even smaller is to clutter it with too many items. Home decoration does not necessarily mean that you need to have lots of different items to make it look appealing. The basics are good enough.

Make use of lines and forms to enlarge the space. For example, lines running along the ceiling make the space look extended. You can also use a color that runs from the roof to the floor to create an extended and uninterrupted impression. Use subtle colors that do not clash with each other, so that your eyes can easily explore the area.

2. Consider Having a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island works well to give you extra space for storage and food preparation. It also serves a useful purpose when you have dinner parties where you can serve your guests from as they sit around the buffet table. It is also a perfect addition for families that do not want to have a huge dining table. Kitchen islands do not have to be of standard size, style, or shape, but if well designed, they can break the monotony of standard dining room design and make the condo’s interior really stand out.

3. Choose a Lifestyle Theme

The design of the condo should reflect the personality of your clients. It should showcase what they enjoy doing, and the style should be unique to them. A condo with character will have a better resale value, and it gives the unit a cohesive identity and concept. When decorating the condo based on a theme, choose a basic color palette. It should be something warm enough to make their condo feel cozy instantly.


Designing a condo that your clients will like demands you to consider many factors. You want to give them a space that they will enjoy spending time in and one that will reflect their personality. To successfully pull this off, spend time with your clients and get to understand their character and what they enjoy doing. Ensure that you maximise on space, choose a theme that reflects their personality, and think of unique home styles.

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