3 Exquisite Places To Have Your Dream Pre Wedding Shoot

It is your big day and the first thing you don’t want is a venue that doesn’t fit what you are looking for. While large venues are extremely common, you might be the couple looking for a small intimate wedding. This wedding reception Singapore must be perfect, the pre wedding photography Singapore must look exquisite and the wedding videographer Singapore must have room to work. So here are some beautiful, picturesque small wedding venues Singapore.

MASONS at the Gillman Barracks: It is romantic and beautifully restored black and white bungalow from the 1930s, colonial Singapore. It is perfect to emulate a vintage style and is a glamorous location. There is a beautiful lawn and rest assured, the pre wedding photography Singapore can be done in style.

The White Rabbit: A 1940s restored chapel with glass windows and intricate architecture, the White Rabbit is bound to stop time itself for your special day. There is an old world charm with amazing garden wonderland. Its grace is bound to be a great working spot for your wedding videographer Singapore.

Tanjong beach club: For the outdoorsy couple that loves the sun and the coast, this is the perfect location. Meant for an intimate party with many amenities like a bar, cabana and open roof restaurant, there are many vibes to match your wedding. It is perfect to have both the actual ceremony and the wedding reception Singapore here.

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