3 Places You Can Put A Side Table In Your Home

When I heard the words side tables, it was hard for me to picture which room in the house was being referred to. Where would I put this piece of furniture if I was to buy a side table? What would I be using it for? Well, it turns out that a side table can be a very nice addition to almost any room. Let’s look at it together in this article.

A side table for the living room

A side table is a great piece of furniture to add to any living room. Even in small apartments like we often have in Singapore, a side table can add a decoration element while providing a handy place to put objects.

In the living room, a side table can be used on the side of the sofa, to put your cup of coffee or your magazine, for example. Alternatively, you can also use your side table as a storage element and turn it into a bookshelf.

Finally, you can use a side table to bring light to your room. This is especially interesting if your living room is quite small. To achieve that, prioritise mirror tables which will reflect the sun light. At night, you can place a lamp directly on the table for the light to be reflected in the whole room.

A side table for the bathroom

In the bathroom, adding a side table can be a great idea especially if you use a lot of beauty products. Put the side table next to the sink area and use it to store your make up, creams and make up brushes. If you like to buy pretty products, the side table can become part of the decoration. Choose a beautiful side table and arrange your beauty products in a stylish way to make them shine.

Another great use for a side table in the bathroom is right next to the bathtub, if you are lucky enough to have one at home. Next time you want to have a relaxing time in a nice warm bath, do it the right way and bring a book, a cup of tea (or bubbly!), and a watch if you want to keep track of time. They can all be put on the side table without worrying about them slipping into the water.

A side table for the entrance hall

When you come back home, the first thing you want to do is getting rid of your keys, your wallet, and all those coins in your pocket. The only problem is that you have nowhere to put them, and you might be tempted to walk to the first table you see with your shoes still on.

A side table can solve this problem and provide a practical space where to empty your hands and pockets as soon as you step in. Consider adding some flowers for a welcoming touch! Check out for furniture sale now!

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