3 Reasons Why Couples Should Move In A Serviced Apartment

After this storm is over, we will all finally be able to return to our ordinary lives. But for now, we must adapt and be accustomed to the new measures implemented.

However, once the situation stabilises – we may be able to return to work, school, and socialise as per normal. That includes being able to let your inner social butterfly out after you have gone to rent a service apartment.

But then again, a serviced apartment isn’t just a place for residents to mingle around. It also makes a perfect space for couples! From their home-like atmosphere, well-furnished space, to a myriad of facilities – there’s a lot for a couple to enjoy without having to worry about.

Especially if you’re a couple that hasn’t gotten hold of a proper home yet but would like to settle into the city – the choice of long term serviced apartments are there to lend a helping hand.

That said, here are the reasons why couples should consider shifting into a fully serviced apartment!

Cost-effective option

Whether you’re an early married couple or a couple that wants to get adjusted to living together without spending too much – a serviced apartment may just be the perfect answer for you.

Did you say comfort? Service? Convenience?

Check, check, and check! Couples get to enjoy all-inclusive rates where the basic needs are easily met – whether it be in regards to furniture, appliances, WiFi.

While kitchens, lounges, or gyms are known to be communal spaces – that’s exactly the bright side about it; you get to save costs and socialise at the same time!

Flexibility in accommodation

Moving to a new city can prove to be quite strenuous for couples – especially if they have to plan the furniture and the equipment that needs to be installed in the apartments.

However, in a serviced apartment – you can just sit back and relax; everything has been prepared for you!

The flexibility of term-leases in serviced apartments lies in how you can choose to arrive and leave whenever one pleases. Plus, you won’t meet with any inflexibility even when it comes to long-term rental leases – the same goes for vice versa!

If you only plan to stay for a short while – feel free to do so when you’re in a serviced apartment!

And touching on the previous point of the inclusive rental cost offered – it also means you can just enter your apartment with just your suitcase, luggage, or even just a travel bag alone.

A proper mix of community and privacy

As a couple, it is both important to spend time together and spend time away from each other. After all, each individual has their own hobbies and interests to partake in.

And in a serviced apartment – it’s where you get the perfect combination of both.

Ready to retract to the serene, comfortable space of your apartment after a day of remote working or a hectic day at the office? Just shut the doors and spend some quality time with your partner.

But if it’s time for a new perspective or some alone time – visit one of the communal spaces and interact with the other housemates! You could choose to cook or have a meal together, exchange some workout tips, or even introduce to one another a new read you just stumbled upon.

Remember, at the end of the day – it’s always up to you whenever you choose to mingle, or not to!

The serviced apartment lifestyle is certainly one a couple will enjoy – be it leisure or in preparation for a new home. Whichever the case is – you’re in for a good time when you decide to select a perfect space from the many different fully serviced apartments for rent!

With the end of circuit breaker, followed by the start of Phase 1 and as of June 19, Phase 2  – the economy will start reopening gradually. And even with the news – our operations will still proceed as per usual, with our spaces still available for use for existing housemates. Still, we ask for your assistance in complying with the Phase 2 measures and rules to do what we can to help curb the pandemic.

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