3 Ways RFID Enhanced the Quality of the Hospitality Industry

As a sector whose main business goal is to provide exceptional customer experiences, the hospitality industry is always on the lookout for new ways to improve their revenue and services. Incorporation of RFID technology helps to push their services to another level.

RFID is well regarded in asset-heavy industries with its implementation; primarily in RFID asset tracking, and the benefits one can gain if done correctly. Despite what people may generally think, hospitality also has its assets that need tracking; with the aid of RFID, hospitality can gain the same benefits as other sectors and extend its use case for business goals.

Read on and discover how RFID is changing the way hospitality delivers excellent customer service and experiences.

Deliver improved and competitive customer experiences

As the heart of the industry, excellent customer experience is the factor that propels a business to success. When guests are satisfied, and ideally delighted, with their experience, they’re sure to return again and again. With this satisfaction, brand loyalty is established, loyal clients will even recommend the establishment to others, allowing further growth.

Hospitality can further heighten the experience they provide by leveraging RFID and incorporating it to provide an ‘extra’ to their services-personalisation and convenience.

A primary example of this trend is through membership cards for loyal customers. With these cards, one can gain exclusive access to certain amenities, purchase goods and services cash-free, enter personal rooms and privilege areas with ease.

Enhance the security of clients and business assets

Hospitality establishments such as hotels and resorts typically observe a high influx and efflux of both guests and staff daily. Due to that, theft, property damage, and the safety of clients can be a major concern.

By utilising RFID’s greatest strength, which is asset tracking and management, the whole area of the problems mentioned is solved.

Establishments can employ RFID in the following ways:

– Monitor employee behaviour and optimise their shifts
– Tag business assets from guest commodities to high-value items, like artworks, alcoholic beverages, and electronics
– Disseminate alerts and announcements to staff and guests alike during emergencies knowing their whereabouts and location

Upgrade the management of inventory

RFID’s asset tracking capabilities enables the hospitality industry to keep tabs on its myriad of assets. From high-profile pieces, such as TVs, down to everyday items like pillows, towels, establishments can make use of RFID inventory management to protect or account for their resources.

In addition to being able to fully oversee all of one’s assets, establishments can also improve their supply chains and optimise inventory management. By doing so, overstocking and wasteful use of resources can be minimised and even be eliminated.


The use of RFID is no longer limited to that of retail and logistics businesses. With hospitality being one of the few to follow in the former’s footsteps, it’s only natural for other businesses and industries to soon learn about RFID’s potential and apply its advantages to one’s operations and inventory management.

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