4 Methods To Spruce Up An Event Space Creatively

A non-traditional event space rental such as from self storages in Singapore is an excellent venue to set up an “out of the box” event for an experience that will deliver an impactful message about a brand’s character or key values.

When planning an event, most traditional venues tend to look alike. But what if you built in some surprises? What about breaking the mold and design events with a fresh and unconventional approach?

Non-traditional venues bring out the best of planners. Instead of using the same old, tried and tested styles in décor or layout, you get an opportunity to stretch your creativity to the limits. Regardless, the creative ideas you have in mind should still ensure efficiency and practicality for the best outcome of your event.

Here’s how you can plan with an event space rental creatively.

Use the physical surroundings

Think about how you can use the surroundings of the event space to your advantage. How can the physical elements, from the floors to the ceilings, complement your event theme and décor? It is important to select a unique event space rental that correlates with your theme or complements your event objective. This will have an immediate impact on the guests and create a lasting impression.

For example, the industrial-like environment of an event space rented from a self-storage in Singapore would create a high-energy and futuristic atmosphere in combination with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. It is important to work and highlight the unique elements of the venue, instead of working against it. You could successfully transform the space and create the desired feel for your event.

Wow the guests from indoors to outdoors

Most event planners would go out of their way to impress on the interior side of the event. Don’t skip the exterior to be left bare and unimpressive. When guests arrive and before they enter the rented space, you can set up a customised wall to be the centrepiece display of your event. You can create eye-catching backdrops that will add a pop of colour to the space. Green walls that use plants also add an interesting twist and texture to the exterior of the space.

Stir emotions and excite the senses of guests

One way to get your guests to remember and connect with your event is by building an emotional connection and eliciting the desired emotional responses from them. Everyone loves a good swag bag – if your company is investing in them or you have sponsors, fill them with practical items like earpieces or power bank chargers that guests will certainly appreciate. During your event, you can also create a testimonial video that is well-curated to demonstrate the enthusiasm and trust your event has inspired. Your guests can see and hear words of praise or the message you wish to convey, rather than presenting them through written texts.

Get creative with your budget 

Event budgets should be adhered to, and even if you already had found a cheap event space rental from the cheapest self storages in Singapore, there is still more you can do to make your event special while saving big bucks. For example, instead of having a formal, three or five-course seated dinner, create a more informal and casual setting for guests to mingle around. Be daring with your catering and serve food that also does not interrupt networking. It might be hard to juggle conversations while holding on to plates. Your guests will also appreciate bite-sized snacks they can grab and eat, and have an easier time to chat.

Thinking outside the ballroom and using non-conventional venues will make any event an unforgettable one while keeping your attendees excited and engaged.

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