4 Suggestions To Execute Product Packaging Effectively

Whether you’re a brand manager or overseeing the production department; what matters the most is the bottom line.

Many different aspects of the business have a part to play when it all comes down to profit – be it marketing methods, efficiency in the warehouse or customer service. Likewise, how useful and popular your product will be in the market will have a significant impact.

However, one wrong move and all your research and promoting for your product will be in vain. Even if your product may be the best in the market – the wrong type of packaging used can throw you out of the competition for glory easily. It can turn out misleading, uninteresting, or unattractive.

So, you need to ensure that the packaging resonates well with your target customers or clients. And to help you with that, we have compiled a list of ways you can elevate your product packaging.

Select the right material

These days, people are starting to be more eco-friendly – everyone wants to take part in helping Mother Nature.

And it always starts with the little things we do every day – from the products we use, energy habits at home to product packaging. Which is why the advent of recycle bags in Singapore has become so popular among the masses. One great example would be non woven bags – they’re biodegradable in nature, leaves no toxic waste, and are completely recyclable.

As such, when you decide to go green and care for the environment by starting with packaging; it’ll draw clients and customers in naturally! Like-minded prospects will want to purchase your product due to the care your packaging has for nature.

Besides showing your concern for the environment, the material must be strong and durable enough for display and transport reasons. At the same time, it should go well with the intended design you have in mind.

Pick your packaging based on the physical product

Different products have distinct packaging needs – it is imperative for you to choose packaging that goes with the kind of product you have.

Take glass products, for instance, a packaging with zero protection will only increase the chances of a damaged, spoiled product. The same goes for any product which is labelled as “fragile”; they need extra care during the transportation process.

However, just a label alone may not guarantee the safety of your product; in other words, you’re going to do a little more on your end. Request to your packaging supplier for extra protection – such as a more durable packaging suggestion, bubble-wrapping or padding inside the package.

Easy to open

When using a product, every customer would appreciate having an easy time. One way to provide comfort would have to be how easy it is to open the packaging.

The struggle of opening a package can be unbearable – be it tearing off the stubborn scotch tape from the package or removing the tight lid which refuses to make a move. Not to mention, a hard-to-open product packaging may even lead to a customer destroying the item in the midst of opening – leading to negative reviews and even low repurchases.

Henceforth, design plays a vital role. It can be as simple and visible as an easy-twist cap or “tear here” tab. Throw in a little arrow; it’ll help plenty in guiding your customer on how to open a package correctly.

Meanwhile, other alternatives include a drawstring bag or canvas tote bag -which provide zero hassle at all. Drawstring bags can be opened by unzipping a zipper, but simply by enlarging the entrance of the bag. Then, all you have to do is close up the hole by tugging at the two strings, and voila!

Design your packaging carefully

Before the customer can even get to the product – he or she must go through the packaging first.

Regardless of whether you’re planning to do paper bag or cotton bag printing – the packaging will give the first impression of a product; the colours, design, and content will all matter. Why, you may ask?

It’s simple – imagine if your product were to be sold in a store. Then, begs all the questions – is your product visible enough? Which fonts, colour and design will help you catch the eye of customers? Answers to these questions will serve as guidelines during the design process.

What’s really important at the end of it is a team of experienced and skilled designers who’ll able to churn out your designs easily.

So, got an idea of how your product packaging should go? Then, it’s about time you get started, so you can get your goods out there!

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