4 Upper-class Neighbourhoods to Reside in Singapore

While Singapore might not be a big nation, don’t be fooled by its small size. In fact, selecting an affluent neighbourhood to call home may prove to be an overwhelming task because there are more than a few options spread across the country. Indeed, Singapore is one of the fastest growing wealthy countries in Asia, and the standard of living there is superb. The economy is strong, and the infrastructure network connects all the parts of the country to one another.

The Singaporean property market is infamously competitive which means that even the most basic houses can be sold for premium prices compared to the same unit in a smaller city. However, this isn’t always a concern for the affluent and wealthy when searching for a nice place to live in. They may choose to live in neighbourhoods filled with expensive houses, or even in the condos in the heartlands, such as the Parc Esta Condo Singapore or Belgravia Green Singapore

Therefore, if you fall into the upper-class bracket or if you’re just curious to know where the rich choose to live, here’s a guide to some of Singapore’s upper-class neighbourhoods.


Nestled conveniently between the Orchard and Holland Village, Tanglin is a peaceful but sophisticated residential area. This neighbourhood is characterised by beautiful landed houses and Good Class Bungalows (GCB), which are basically stately grand houses with leafy gardens. The area oozes classiness and exclusivity.

The GCB’s are quite beautiful and very spacious. As you are probably aware, land space is at a premium in Singapore, so then you can expect to pay millions of dollars for the large square footage.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens are in close proximity and provide a great refuge away from the commotions of the city. Close by is the popular Dempsey Hill, offering a nice area to eat out or shop for artwork and furniture. As one of Singapore’s most wealthy neighbourhoods, utmost safety and security are guaranteed here.

Holland Village

Holland Village, alias Holland V is a popular expat enclave in Singapore, and for good reasons. It is nestled behind the Botanical Gardens and only a short walking distance away from the bustling Orchard Road. The area is occupied by the upper-middle class, expats, and rich Singaporeans.

You will find landed properties north of Holland Road and around Chip Bee Gardens. Condominiums are also in plenty as well, from smaller, low rise apartments to more modern but spacious properties. The popularity of this neighbourhood means units can go for exorbitant prices.

The area is suited for families because of its close proximity to a number of international schools, art galleries, pubs, restaurants and novelty shops. The area enjoys a dedicated MRT station nearby and public bus service.

Marina Bay

Previously just a mass of water, the Marina Bay has over the years transformed into a playground for the affluent. Its main attraction is Marina Bay Sands, a towering luxury resort. It’s a dream come true for many to live in this neighbourhood. Towering, modern, sparkling condominiums provide luxurious accommodations ideal for lavish living. Marina one is regarded as a top residential development in the area characterised by a cluster of 4 dual-use towers available to interested buyers. Of course, expect to pay top dollar for any property available in this area.

The area is mainly filled with successful executives, businesspersons, entrepreneurs, and professionals from various industries. If you have a fat wallet and wish to live right in the middle of the city, where lights are always shining, and the thrills of nightlife are bountiful, consider this neighbourhood.


You might be wondering what a heartland neighbourhood like Tampines is doing on this list, well, a surprise is in store. Tampines is a bustling neighbourhood with one of the highest population densities in Singapore, which conveniently makes it a prime location for shopping malls, leisure clubs, and exclusive residences such as the Treasure at Tampines Condo in Singapore. Affluent Singaporeans who enjoy living in the heartlands are attracted to these amenities as shopping for daily groceries and eating out is mere minutes away.

Additionally, the added benefit of being close to Changi Airport is convenient for the frequent-flyers who travels out of the countries for both business and pleasure are numerous. The presence of prestigious country clubs such as the Tanah Merah Country Club and National Service Resort and Country Club make this neighbourhood one of the top heartlands for rich Singaporeans.

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