4 Ways You Can Make Friends In Co-Living Societies

We may complete many milestones in life and attain all sorts of achievements – degrees, qualifications or awards – but the greatest reward is never really any of these. Instead – it’s the bonds and friendships we make!

In co living spaces, there are numerous opportunities for you to hit it off with other residents – it’s really never a dull day at all.

So, if you have been looking to try out one of such spaces – it’s time for you to spring up at this chance and take socialising to new heights! Unlike your usual get-togethers with classmates, colleagues or family members – co living offers a different yet unique kind of environment for you to create new bonds.

Keep reading on to find out exactly how you can make long-lasting friendships in co living communities!

Lone rangers are new friends

In co living, there’s no such thing as stranger danger. Especially with the appearance of carpooling like Grabhitch to save money and make new friends – many have been adoring the idea of socialising with strangers.

Co living itself has been gaining much more traction especially when it comes to the socialising aspect.

You’ll find most residents to be on their own in search of a different purpose – academic, work or leisure. No matter the reason, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to chance upon someone and make friends with them.

Personal and professional relationships

It’s the best of both worlds – you get to make a friend and establish a working relationship. Seems impossible? Not exactly.

In the past, it may seem that way as it invites complications. However, times have changed and it’s all about working together with people we have a personal connection with. Friendly and chirpy attitude, compromising and understanding yet still holding an excellent character when it comes to work-related matters; it’s what most people look for.

Co living communities basically deliver this on a silver platter so look towards a serviced apartment the next time you’re looking for a new way of working!

Common interests

We all know how having the same, exact interests can bring just about anyone together instantly – despite the different backgrounds, age or culture.

One way or another, you are sure to bump into someone who likes the same things that you do in co living spaces.

It doesn’t mean that those with different interests aren’t able to be friends – being fond of the same stuff just makes it twice easier. Especially when it comes to conversations, popping up topics will be a breeze for folks with common interests.

Shared spaces

A hotel or regular apartment won’t have such spaces to let you be a social butterfly – at least not with an intended purpose.

For you to really start making new peers, you’ll have to put yourself out there in a shared space. Most co living spaces usually comprise shared dining spaces, reading lounges and gyms exclusively for residents to get together and forge new friendships.

Even if you’re not one to immediately start a conversation first – it’s completely fine! It takes time, and it’s a great chance for you to hone your socialising skills. Give it some time, and soon you’ll find your stay at a fully serviced apartment rewarding and exciting.

Co living is clearly the way to go when it comes to creating new bonds. Remember, a new environment is never that scary and may even let you create opportunities for socialising!

So, if you’re starting to see the point it – why not experience this lifestyle yourself?

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