5 Compelling Reasons For You To Invest In Safety Training

Hiring the best candidates is not a walk in the park for many employers. You have to spend considerable resources in sourcing the best talent as well as in engaging prospects in a rigorous recruitment process.

Once the new team members are on board, you cannot wait for them to start working.

But before they do that, there is vital information about the job which you need to share in order for them to get the best possible start with the company.

A well-structured induction program can help you attain this, and it is vital to include safety in the program. Here’s why.

Workplace Culture

Whether it be construction safety or training on safe sitting postures while at the office desk, including safety training at the induction program will set the new employees on the right company culture. New employees will regard safety as a core value of the company and understand the behaviours that drive the value.


Under the Workplace Safety Act, you have the responsibility to ensure that everyone who visits or works at your premises is kept safe. To do this, workers need to have a working knowledge of the job conditions, the layout of the premises and how the business works including the risks and the safety rules of the job and of the premises.  The best way to ensure this information is put across early enough and in a way that they can assimilate it is to include safety training in the induction program.

Protects Your Business

Educating new employees about your company’s policies on health and safety as well as other critical policies early during their induction enables you to build a safety culture right from the onset.

This, in turn, reduces the occurrence of incidences and puts you at a better position when defending claims or mitigating costs that arise out of safety issues.

Reduces Your Costs

With a workforce that is more aware of safety and is proactive about prevention, the rate of accidents and incidents at your premises significantly dwindles.

When you have a low occurrence of incidents and accidents at the workplace, you can negotiate for lower insurance premiums and shrink the provisions for catering for emergencies. You also incur lower costs related to workplace health issues.

It Triggers a Sense of Loyalty and Responsibility

An induction program that includes safety training communicates a significant message to all employees and contractors. Their health and lives are valued. This is not just a feel-good communication but a strong message that in turn triggers a sense of loyalty and commitment by the staff not just to uphold the company’s values but also to be their ‘brother’s keepers.’

It Boosts Your Company’s Image

Including safety in the induction program says that safety is a priority for your company. It, in turn, enhances the reputation of your business, first with the staff, the regulators and eventually the markets. This will help you to leverage your products or services.

To conclude, you can achieve these benefits by including a face to face or online safety training in your induction program. Be proactive, and don’t wait for your insurance provider to insist that you should get an occupational health and safety certificate.

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