5 points to note for a delicious egg pudding


All the best desserts have eggs – pies, puddings, pastries and pancakes. Egg desserts are high in proteins and they taste amazing. Chinese egg pudding is an inexpensive source of high-quality vitamins, minerals and proteins. It will supply your body with vitamins B12, B6 and D. Minerals that you will get from this pudding includes copper, iron and zinc.

You can buy this pudding from a dessert place or you can decide to make it from home. It is best prepared using organic ingredients and best enjoyed as a sweet treat. You can even make it in cups or bowls.


Organic ingredients you need

Use two organic eggs and 250 ml of organic fresh milk for the best results. In addition, you can add 30g of sugar. These ingredients will yield two servings.


Why organic eggs

Organic eggs are healthier than non-organic eggs. First, the production of factory-farmed eggs involves the abuse of chickens. Secondly, organic eggs do not have antibiotic residues and they are free of arsenic acid. In addition, they have a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids.


Preparing the eggs and the milk

Boil the milk with sugar and cool. Then, beat the eggs. Mix the beaten eggs with the cooled sugar milk. Finally, strain through a sieve to remove bubbles.



The mixture of organic eggs and milk will need steaming to create Chinese egg pudding. You will need to use a wok to do this. Set up a rack with sufficient amount of water in the wok. Bring the water to boiling point over a high heat. Then, place the mixture of eggs in a bowl and cover the bowl with a flat plate.  Place the bowl on the rack and turn it to a low heat. The steaming should take up to 15 minutes. Once the eggs are coagulated, your best dessert is ready for consumption.


Enjoy your pudding

You can add a dash of sesame oil or soy sauce to the steamed eggs. Alternatively, you can enjoy your pudding without any seasoning. You can serve this dessert with meat, shrimps or green onions.

Organic Chinese egg pudding is highly nutritious and it tastes great. It will provide your daily serving of protein, vitamins &healthy fats.

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