5 Types Of Bed Frame For A Relaxing Bedroom Environment

As you plan your next bedroom renovation, why not consider giving your bed frame an upgrade? A high-quality bed frame will serve as a stunning centrepiece to your design scheme. Many of them even have additional features, which make them so much more than just a support for your mattress. Indeed, bed frames can be beautiful, comfortable, and practical.

With so many options on the market, you may be thinking hard about your bed frame options. So, before you look into an interior design package; to give yourself some inspiration, have a look at these 5 popular types of bed frames that will elevate your bedroom.

1. Platform bed frame

Platform bed frames are raised frames with flexible wooden slats or lattices that can support a mattress by itself. These bed frames provide a low-profile look and can go well with any design theme. They are also very versatile, as they can support any mattress you want, so you don’t need to compromise on comfort!

Those working with small bedrooms don’t need to worry either since platform beds have a sleek design that doesn’t take up additional space. Frugal homeowners will love platform beds as well, as they save you the cost of buying a box spring to support your mattress.

2. Upholstered bed frame

For a luxury interior design aesthetic that is both chic and comfortable, upholstered bed frames can get the job done. These bed frames come padded with velvet, faux leather or suede to give them an opulent look and feel. Many also come with a soft cushioned headboard. Now you’ll be able to get in some late-night reading in comfort! Upholstery also gives you flexible design choices. Given that fabric comes in a variety of colours and patterns, you will have no trouble finding the right design for your bedroom.

3. Canopy bed frame

If you are doing some landed property interior design, and have a spacious bedroom to decorate, a canopy bed frame can be an eye-catching choice. Similar to a four-poster bed, these bed frames have posts attached to the four corners of the frame. These posts form a canopy-like structure over the bed, which can either be left open, or have fabric draped over them to form a curtain. The canopy bed frame is prized for its cosy aesthetic because its design evokes a sense of safety and shelter.

4. Storage bed frame

Storage bed frames are some of the most practical options out there. Some have drawers built into the sides, while others have a whole hollow compartment underneath the bed board. Either way, these bed frames are highly space-efficient. You won’t have to worry about overflowing cupboards and drawers anymore! Just be sure to get your bed frame from a reputable supplier. Storage bed frames have many more moving parts than a regular bed frame, so they need to durable.

5. Bunk bed frame

Ever-popular among children, the bunk bed will always have a place in the kids’ bedroom. The novelty of a double-floored bed frame is exciting for children, but it has practical benefits as well. Having two beds take up the floor space of one is highly space-efficient. It frees up a lot of room for the kids’ stuff, which is doubly important since two kids are sharing the room. As a precaution, avoid getting this bed frame for children that are below six years old, as they may injure themselves when climbing up and down.


A carefully selected bed frame can make your bedroom truly shine. Through careful consideration of your space and aesthetic needs, you will have no trouble picking an excellent bed frame. But with so many things to consider when planning out your bedroom renovation, it can easily get overwhelming. Well, we are here to help. We provide luxury interior design services for various types of residential properties. If yours happens to be a condominium, we even have condo renovation packages to help save costs and fit into your budget. With us, we’ll help make the design of your dreams become a reality.

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