6 Tips on why gifting Umbrella is a good choice

Say you are organising your company’s yearly event and have to decide on a corporate gift idea for the attendees. You might be overwhelmed with the wide selection of corporate gifts available.

Bear in mind that corporate gifts mean a lot more to the recipients that you think. Typically, they portray the extent to which a company values its staff and clients. In other words, you should think twice about the idea of producing company t-shirts or water bottles in quantity.

Of course, there are a lot of aspects to consider. How much are you willing to spend on the corporate gift? Branded with your company logo or not?

Let’s spare you the agony and suggest a corporate gift idea: An umbrella. This should not be the ordinary umbrella. You want to give out an umbrella that is highly engineered with stunning aesthetic details. Here are 6 reasons to pick an umbrella as your corporate gift.

Form & Function

Regardless of your social status, everyone ultimately needs to use an umbrella at some point in time. However, the majority of us have ordinary umbrellas. Only a few have a stylish, high-performance umbrella, and that’s why you can be sure of your attendees’ satisfaction when you give them these umbrellas as a corporate gift. Who wouldn’t want an umbrella that combines luxury and practicality?


Buying corporate gifts in bulk may often pose a challenge. Attempting to sort out the gifts based on gender may prove tedious and you may end up overstocking or coming up short depending on your guest list.

An umbrella is that unique type of fashion accessory that is amazingly gender neutral and size agnostic. As a result, it is the best corporate gift for both males and females. Doing away with the gender aspect eases the final distribution of your budget corporate gifts in Singapore in your event.

Brand It With Your Company Logo

It is very important to incorporate your company logo in your chosen corporate gift item. After all, you want your company to remain in the minds of recipients long after the function. At the same time, you don’t want your company logo to disrupt the natural style and integrity of the corporate gift. For example, incorporating a company logo onto a stylish wallet or handbag wouldn’t work well.

However, an umbrella provides ample space for custom artwork, which won’t appear forced or weird. Do you wish to get word about your company out? Print your company logo on the outside of the canopy for utmost exposure.

Perfect For Travel

In the existing global world, there’s more business travel than even before. A good number of your attendees will be from various towns, let alone countries. Give them a business gift that they can carry home with them and start using immediately. High quality umbrellas are designed with travel in mind. Not only are they small enough to fit snugly into any suitcase, they are also strong enough to endure the climate of any eventual destination.

Elegant Presentation

Presentation matters when it comes to corporate gifts. A stylish corporate gift calls for a stylish presentation. This is where a gift box comes in handy. Package your umbrella corporate gift in lustrous, high quality packaging for a fantastically chic presentation.


The role of a luxury corporate gift is not only to make a good impression but also forge lasting relationships with recipients. A high quality umbrella is a corporate gift that is durable. This durable piece rightly typifies ultimate precision and attention to detail. It goes a long way in forging long-term alliances.


A lot of luxury corporate gifts today are unable to leave an enduring impression. You want to give out premium corporate gifts Singapore that recipients will still use for the next couple of months or even years. Whether it’s a reward for good performance, a holiday vacation for your employees or a giveaway at an AGM, a customised, high-quality umbrella is guaranteed to forge long-lasting impressions.

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