7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Child’s Memory

If your child is studying in one of the best international schools in Singapore, you need to do what you can to keep your child’s memory in tip-top condition for them to not be left behind during lessons.

Studying hard on their own time is not enough to get good grades. In fact, the key to getting your grades is having a good memory. Once your child has an excellent memory, paying attention in class is as easy as pie. He or she will be able to take in any information easily and quickly once they listen in class attentively.

And to help you with that, we have put together some techniques that are effective in sharpening your child’s memory in this article.

Introduce a couple of puzzles

Instead of letting them stare at a digital screen all the time by playing video games or computer games, you should get them to play a puzzle and get their mind thinking.

Not only will you be letting your child have a little fun, but it’s also a great way to build their memory and get them challenged.

Teach them the acronym method

One of the best techniques to memorizing something is through the acronym method. This method works on any grade levels and will always be useful no matter your child’s level. It doesn’t matter if they are still in preschool or in grade school, as it easy to implement this method into their studies.

Acronyms are basically an invented combination of letters that you crafted on your very own. And each letter in that certain combination suggests a word or item that you have to remember. For example, it can be rather hard to learn the entire stretch of colours of the visible spectrum as there are many types to remember. So, people usually just remember the acronym, ROYGBIV instead to help them remember.

Use Mnemonic Methods

Mnemonic stands for ‘memory tool’. And it simply another term for memory techniques which come in handy when you want to enhance your memory capacity.

There are many mnemonic methods that you can learn to help you improve your memory so you can slowly read the whole list up and choose the one that really has an impact on you. If you are more of a visual learner, then images and symbols will help you to remember things better. But if you are someone who prefers something that enjoys funny things then you should use humour as a technique to remember something.

Only give them nutritious foods

While techniques are a critical aspect in helping your child improve their memory, you need to consider the meals that they consume as they also play a part in your child’s memory.

Fruits and vegetables are the main food sources that you must consider to ensure that your child gets enough nutrients for their brain.

Be sure that your child drinks vitamins

Aside from food, another item that you can add to your child’s diet is vitamins.

They are effective in increasing the number of nutrients that your child takes in, and it is especially crucial when you are not sure if your child meets the daily nutritional requirement of your child.

Get them to sleep early

Having a lack of sleep can contribute to a lot of breakdown on human’s cells which include brain cells. And eventually, this can lead to poor memory and loss of focus.

Usually, one of the top reasons why children have the urge to stay up late at night frequently is because of the gadgets that they own. So, what you can do as a parent is to limit their use of gadgets and let them understand the negative effects of using them too often.

Encourage your child to take part in physical activities

By doing this, are not only giving your child the privilege of having a toned and healthy body but also making sure that their brain is healthy as well. For that reason, physical activities promote a healthy blood flow which will give enough oxygen for the brain to function well.

What we have mentioned above are some useful techniques that you can implement immediately to improve your child’s memory. So, consider them as they will undoubtedly help in your child’s studies.

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