A Guide on Choosing the Best Cool Mattresses

Unlike the olden days, there is a variety of mattresses to choose from in this day and age. Each type of mattress lay claim to its unique and impressive properties. Depending on your preference, you can get mattresses constructed from eco-friendly materials, which are dust-resistant, mattresses with density customisation features and some that claim to have the ability to realign your spine!

If you have a problem of waking up in the middle of the night with sweat all over you, or you are just a hot sleeper and can’t stand the radiating heat through the night, don’t despair, as mattress manufacturers have come up with different solutions.

Below are the best mattresses for keeping cool:

Traditional Memory Foam Mattresses

Traditional foam mattresses took root in Singapore influenced by a strong recommendation from sleep experts and doctors due to the benefits they offered as compared to spring mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are designed to cradle with the contours of your body as you sleep while still providing sufficient support. This feature is not only good for your back and to rest, but it also increases blood circulation, essential for your body to perform natural heat transfer and temperature control.

Air Cool Memory Foam Mattresses

Manufacturers of memory foam mattresses listened and came up with solutions. The air-cool memory foam is similar to the traditional memory foam mattress. However, they have groves cutting through the mattress or have multiple layers. If you choose to go for a mattress that has this technology, brace yourself for a mattress that responds to your body temperature much faster and channels the warmth out. This was an excellent first step in addressing the issue of heat transfer and dealing with excessive heat for mattresses.

Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Another solution to the heat problem came in the form of Gel foam mattresses. Just like the traditional memory foam mattresses, the priority is the wellness of your back, spine, joints and muscles. Gel infused memory foam mattresses will not only stop motion-transfer if you are sharing a bed, but it is also infused with a gel that is composed of a substance also used in sports equipment (like shoes) and is ideal for your orthopaedic health.

In addition, the gel is known to take on the temperature of its environment. Thus, it can absorb your body heat and transmit it to other areas. There are gel memory foam mattresses that are infused with copper, a substance well-known for its heat conductivity temperatures. It is better at absorbing your body heat and keeps you cool.

Plant-Based Memory Foam Mattresses

Frequently overlooked, plant-based memory foam mattresses remain one of the best mattresses today. Essentially they consist of plant-based material in their construct eliminating much of the petrochemicals associated with memory foam mattresses. Plant-based memory foams are not only good for the environment, but they also offer users the benefits of natural materials such as an increase in breathability and better temperature regulation and control.

Just as it would be better to wear a cotton shirt on a warm day, plant-based memory foam mattresses take the heat and are better for your body temperature regulation. In fact, some manufacturers have explored this aspect and presented results that claim plant-based memory foam mattresses improve breathability tenfold and are 25 per cent cooler than gel foam.

In conclusion, memory foam mattresses provide the best properties for peaceful sleep. It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping on a single mattress-sized bed or a king size bed. They possess excellent cooling properties in addition to the superb spine and joint support.

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