A History Buff’s Guide To Where To Visit In Singapore

Kranji War Memorial

Here is one of the most famous places in Singapore. The Kranji War Memorial is one of the historical places of Singapore. Honor the dead on the service line during World War II. In addition, there is a large tomb of 69 Chinese soldiers who died during the Japanese Race in Singapore. More than 4,400 white stones look much altered. In addition, an important commemoration is held on the Sunday closest to November 11 of each year.

The Civilian War Memorial

The Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, unveiled the Civil War Monument on February 15, 1967. The day is also a 25th anniversary since Singapore fell to the Japanese. It is marked by four columns, 65 meters high, showing the four main areas of Singapore: Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Eurasian. This historic place in Singapore is located above the funeral chambers of many civilians killed during the Japanese race in Singapore. These towers are known as chopsticks by young people. A memorial service is held every year on February 15 to honor this.

National Museum of Singapore

This is the place to visit to learn about the whole country: wars, architecture, fashion, designs or culture. It is the best among the historical museums of Singapore, which takes you through an interesting and fun journey of information. And it is not just a repository of artifacts. There are videos, interactive exhibits, guided tours, art shows, live galleries and film productions. Unusual with a variety of fun sessions and interactive exhibits, the National Museum is a beautiful amalgam of all Singapore’s historic sites, in one place.

Mint Museum of Toys

The nostalgic feeling is dominant in the historic buildings of Singapore. Toy layers, collectibles and comics will take you on the path of memory. In addition, the information about the era to which they belong is quite interesting. The Mint Toys Museum has more than 50,000 old toys, some of which are 120 years old. Of course, the museum has its best competitions among the rare historical places of Singapore.

Sultan Mosque

The magnificent mosque was built in 1824 by Sultan Hussein Shah, the first Sultan of Singapore. After a hundred years, reconstruction was urgently necessary. So when it was restored, its large golden surfaces and huge prayer rooms were decorated with the ends of glass bottles. The poor Muslims brought these ends, so that everyone can do their job to build and resurrect the mosque. As the largest mosque in the country, it is one of Singapore’s famous historical monuments that have religious significance.

Besides the above landmarks, tourists should also visit the marina bay sands rooftop and SEA aquarium in Singapore.

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