All The Ways That You Can Start Learning Physics Early

Exams are a scary time for plenty of students. But it doesn’t have to be if you go about it the right way. The key is being prepared and not leaving everything to the last minute. This means starting and completing your revision as early as possible. To make things easier, we will let you in on some of the best methods to get your physics revision started.

1. To begin, always chart a plan of what you have to cover and then divide it over the amount of time you have to get it all done. But do this realistically, by taking stock of any events, family obligations and time required for other subjects. Then as you move on you can cross off topics that you fully understand. This gives you confidence in your preparation and you won’t end up with any topic left unrevised. And with this sort of pre-planning, you can also identify areas you may need help with at your physics tuition.

2. O Level physics tutors stress that the subject is made up of core concepts and if students manage to grasp those well initially, then linked concepts can be understood much more easily. This applies equally to kids enrolled in IP physics tuition in Singapore. It is suggested making a mind map of these central concepts and their relationships and displaying it in a prominent place so it is revised more often than everything else.

3. Obviously, completing the math equations of physics demands ample practice. You’ve probably already done many past papers in your A-level physics tuition but supplement that by memorising all the key equations by heart. Yes, even the ones you don’t frequently use. Because if you don’t, it won’t come to you easily if a question requiring them comes up during your exams. Try putting these on flash cards or sticky notes and putting these up around your workspace for repeated revision. Do the same for definitions, as they are easy scoring points in physics examination.

4. Summarise whatever you learn by making bullet points, flowcharts and even drawings to illustrate these concepts. Basically, memorise by simplifying the concepts as much as possible after you have gone through the lecture in your H2 physics tuition. Having these notes will make exam week preparation a lot simpler and hassle-free.

5. Lastly make sure to practice a couple of past papers, preferably from the most recent iterations of the exam. Time yourself and cut out all disturbances and distractions. This will help you overcome some exam day anxiety and teach you to time yourself; something many students are poor at.

Generally, make sure to take care of yourself by getting enough food, sleep and exercise. Take breaks during your studies as this refreshes your mind and enables better retention of content.

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