Beneficial Foods To Consume During Cystic Acne Treatment

Keeping up a healthy diet can help make your skin clearer and help prevent acne or even assist in cystic acne treatment. Find out some of the foods you should eat to maintain a glowing skin.

  1. Healthy Fats and Fish

Cystic acne has everything to do with inflammation therefore you should focus on diets that have anti-inflammatory properties to keep the skin calm and get rid of the cystic acne. Consider healthy fats like foods that contain omega-3 fatty causes like sardines, walnuts, avocados, salmon, etc.

  1. Vegetables and Fruits with Anti-Oxidation properties

Antioxidants are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties and this, can help prevent cystic acne or have beneficial effects on your skin during your cystic acne treatment. Fruits and vegetables classified as antioxidants include berries, brightly-colored fruits, spinach and pepper.

  1. Nuts

Some nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids and zinc in high amounts and they are effective against inflammation. Zinc is also useful for breaking down molecules in the skin and a deficiency of zinc can have impact on the proper functioning of the body. Some zinc supplements can be used as topical treatment for acne although some of these supplements have side effects; hence why it is recommended to be part of your diet.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt contains probiotics which are healthy for a clear skin. Probiotics are effective for creating a healthy environment in your body which does not give room for inflammation to thrive which makes it an excellent addition to your diet for your cystic acne treatment.

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