Colours To Use & Avoid Respectively For Your Training Rooms

Research has shown that the colour of the wall of a training room has a direct effect on the productivity of the participants. Besides the normal aesthetic effect, the colour shades do play a very important role when it comes to control of the atmosphere and attitude during the training. Colour of the rooms are among the tips business should note in order to conduct a successful training.

The choice of the colours does say a lot about the culture and the values about the organization carrying out the training or seminar. Let’s take a look at some colours that business should use and not use.


If you require calmness and concentration during the training, yellow is the best colour to use. When you have the colour painted at the entrance, it will signify strength since it resembles the energy from the sun. Care need to be taken however not to promote a spaced out feeling. It is usually contributed when you do too much yellow. A lighter tone of yellow is an ideal colour.


Grey is not advisable to use especially when it comes to pitch ideas to the top level managements. However, for illustration purposes, it is used to give a negative impression. The colour code during training seminar is important since it helps showcase the effect of it and why it should be avoided.


Blue is being used to illustrate relaxed environment. It can be used when you want to have the participant in the training seminar to stay quiet and develop a calm and compose atmosphere.


Talking about conflict, untidiness and aggression? Red is always the colour to go with. A study by physicians from the US indicates that red has a tendency of raising the blood pressure of patients. It is always advisable that under the office setting, the red colour is avoided is best avoided. The colour can only be used when you want to illustrate its effect on the participants especially during the meetings. Nevertheless, red too, represents strong and determined.

The interior design of a training room rental is very important and thus it is required that the job is done by an expert. There are very many incidences where different colours are combined to bring a very conducive environment for meetings and even training.

In Singapore, these are some of the nitty gritty details that are highly considered when booking a training room for either meeting, seminar or even training as it affects time spent, cost and productivity for both audiences and business who are conducting the event.

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