Cybersecurity Career: Key Reasons To Get Started In 2020

From security operations to penetration testing and risk management, as well as investigation and education, there are countless potential jobs within the cybersecurity industry. The demand for cybersecurity professionals looks only set to grow in the foreseeable future, making it an attractive field to enter if you’re looking for a stable and fulfilling career.

If you’re wondering if it is a wise choice to go into cybersecurity this year, we can tell you some reasons why you should definitely consider it:

1. Opportunity for growth

The potential for growth in the cybersecurity industry is ever-growing. There’s always something new to do and learn, especially as the cyber-world continues to develop and change rapidly. You will be kept on your toes looking for fresh solutions to newly arising threats.

The only thing stopping you from growing within the cybersecurity industry is your desire to grow. If you love challenging yourself and growing continually in your job, cybersecurity will be a great fit for you.

2. Secure employment

As awareness about cybersecurity needs rises, the demand for professionals in this field will continue to expand. This pretty much guarantees any qualified person employment in the industry.

There are also a variety of roles to be filled in the cybersecurity field. Whether you prefer the hands-on roles of the engineer or developer, or you prefer to do a managerial or consultant role, there is a place for you in cybersecurity. You just have to make sure that you start out with the right certifications, such as the PRINCE2 foundation certificationITIL 4 certification, or CEH certification.

3. Impacting the world

Many people think of doctors, teachers, and police as the noble professions in the world. But cybersecurity professionals?

You might not think so now, but cybersecurity professionals have a significant impact on the world as well. As the digital penetration rate of the world continues to rise, cybersecurity’s importance cannot be further emphasised.

Furthermore, the next big threats of the world are digital-based – think fake news and cyber attacks. So, if you want to play a part in protecting corporations and nations from these dangers, a career in cybersecurity can be immensely satisfying and meaningful for you.

Word of advice and caution

If you’re imagining a glamorous career as a top-notch hacker that’s always on the roll ninja-ing through the digital realm à la Hollywood, think again.

Only a few, if any, roles in cybersecurity require you to do something that looks as glamorous as how movies make it out to be. In fact, most jobs will find you deskbound and racking your brains over why your code isn’t working – again. This doesn’t mean at all that a career in cybersecurity is boring – it has its fair share of challenges, but it might not be as glamorous as most people perceive.

That said, cybersecurity jobs make up for it with job security and job satisfaction. If you want a job that you can grow in and make a real impact on the world with, you should seriously consider cybersecurity.

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