Discussing The Uses and Effects of Facial Acupuncture

Along with Feng Shui and green tea, acupuncture is a gift from the Chinese culture that, while shrouded in mystery, has gained popularity in modern times. For those not in the loop, this ancient facial treatment in singapore encompasses the body as well as the face. You may just opt for the face, but seasoned practitioners suggest working the whole human instead of a single zone to avoid concentration of energy in any one place. Tiny needles are inserted into acupuncture points across the region under treatment to gain a smooth energy flow and younger, healthier looking skin.

How It Works
Special really fine needles are pressed painlessly into the various points of the skin. These insertions create micro wounds within the skin and blood rushes to those points to start the healing process (no external bleeding at any point). Essentially a good dose of oxidants and nutrients (including collagen, depletion of which causes wrinkles) are deposited, and the area feels and looks nourished and rejuvenated. Similar to what micro-needling does, only with half the needles! Additionally, any blocked energy paths are freed up to allow unhindered flow passage, creating better circulation.

Frequency & Supplements
Initially, you should really invest yourself into the process and have at least a couple of procedures weekly. After 8 procedures though, a monthly appointment would help retain the effect. Try adding natural herbal treatments to really amplify the goodness.

Supported By Science
As already mentioned above, science has duplicated the technique in the form of micro-needling which is a standard facial treatment provided by licensed dermatologists in Singapore. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has given this centuries’ old procedure its seal of approval and has laid down guidelines for its practice. With this standardisation, you don’t really have to go to China to get a good acupuncture treatment either.

Caution & Side Effects
Apart from feeling really, really, relaxed, not at all! But on a serious note, you should only go to an established practitioner with good hygiene standards. With the fame of acupuncture as one of the best facial treatments, the same is being provided by more and more salons and health establishments. As common sense dictates, you must make sure you are in safe hands before you let anyone poke a needle in you. Look at credentials, or client histories, before you get an appointment and don’t let the low cost alone lure you. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Another thing to consider is that some places may offer only facial treatments in Singapore. This is usually not considered the best because the treatment works better when harmonising with the whole body versus the face alone.

It is not recommended for people who have had other facial procedures done (laser, etc.), immediately after those procedures are administered. Also pregnant women and those trying, people with serious illness or high blood pressure are advised to discuss with their medical practitioner before giving acupuncture a go.

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