Do The Benefits of CCTV Cameras Outweigh Its Drawbacks

Most people don’t put much thought into this, but technology is actually a double-edged sword. While it’s true that there are plenty of benefits to innovation and how it upgrades our lives, they don’t exactly come without a price. Take, for example, the CCTV camera system in Singapore, which has grown from being used mostly only in offices to the average household. Even though there are plenty of benefits to using security cameras, there are a couple of drawbacks as well. If you’re thinking of installing a CCTV system at home, but is currently on the fence about it, here are a couple of pros and cons to help you come to a conclusion.


  • Crime Deterrence – The sense of security that CCTV systems give you is priceless. Of course, they can’t 100% fully prevent crimes, but they can discourage them by a lot. If a criminal sees that a house or a commercial establishment has a CCTV system installed, he or she is less likely to attempt to break in.
  • Real-Time Monitoring – If you want to monitor what your kids are doing while you’re away at work, then real-time CCTV systems can help you check up on whatever it is the people in your house are doing while you’re away. Of course, the same logic applies to offices. In fact, it’s even more important in the workplace, as it helps you keep tabs on the activities of your employees and make it easier to detect any suspicious behaviour.
  • Evidence – When dealing with legal scenarios, it’s important to have some form of evidence to present, and a recorded video is as accurate of an account of what really happened as can be. With security cameras, legal authorities can see what happened in real-time as opposed to relying on eye-witness accounts.
  • Records – Regardless of what kind of event it is, your camera records it, making it easier for you to chronicle and investigate anything you want to take a closer look at.


  • Privacy Issues – Not everyone is keen on having their daily activities monitored every minute. In offices, it’s not unusual for employees to take offence at seeing CCTV systems installed inside the office, citing that it’s already invading their right to privacy.
  • Cost – Getting a cctv package in singapore installed may cost you a lot. Although the costs have gone down considerably over the years, installation and maintenance still aren’t what you’d call cheap.
  • Security Risk – They say that you never can get a good thief out, and when it comes to breaking into premises, that security camera that you rely on to protect you could very well tip you away. While it’s hard, it’s not impossible for hackers to play with your security camera system and use it to spy on you instead, something that has actually happened many times, especially in systems that are connected to the internet.

Before you buy the CCTV systems,  it’s important that you are equipped with the complete knowledge about their advantages and disadvantages. This way, you can make an informed decision and choose a system that fulfils all of your needs.

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