Don’t Break the Bank with These Budget Corporate Gifts

With the hard economic times, companies are watching their expenditure and using severe measures to cost including retrenching and downsizing. This leaves little or no time for corporate gifts since these are viewed as one of the ways of incurring a cost. However, contrary to common belief, gifting is a marketing strategy that, if employed correctly, has the power to increase your sales significantly.

You may think gifting is a move that is likely to bring you nothing much other than an increased expenditure in your balance sheet. However, you do not have to go overboard with your corporate gifts. With a small budget, you will cover a wide ground and enjoy repeat sales and new customers.

To go out looking for new customers or to leverage on your new ones and enjoy repeat sales and new customers? A satisfied customer is likely to spread the word and bring more on board. One of the proven ways of cultivating customer satisfaction and loyalty is through corporate gifts. If you are on a tight budget, here are gift ideas to try out.

Desktop clock
A successful businessperson has to have regard for time. This what makes the difference between the average person and the above average entrepreneur. With an equal number of hours, you determine how you are going to spend yours. When you send an elegant desktop clock to your clients, they will be reminded of the importance of utilising their time well to drive their business. Brand it in your company logos, and they will always remember you.

Flower Vase
People love flowers, and they make any dull or simple place look amazing. A ceramic flower vase will be ideal for any business partner. It is unisex since people receive flowers for different reasons and seasons. The recipient will be glad to display flowers in their office or even at home. You can get cheap flower vases from some of the cheap personalised gifts singapore or eco-friendly corporate gift stores in Singapore. If you are buying several of them, you will enjoy discounted prices.

Branded water bottles
Water is an essential component of humanity. It helps promote a healthy system and improve the digestive system. A water bottle is a welcome gift any day. It will help your clients stay hydrated. As they sip the water from the bottle, you will linger in their minds and conduct business with them will be easy and fast. As much as your budget is tight, remember to buy quality water bottles. If you can get glass bottles, the better.

Branded paperweight    
Offices come with loads of paperwork. An office can look quite messy if papers are littered all over. There is also the risk of losing some of the most important documents or worse still if they land in the wrong hands. A branded paperweight will help your client have an organised office and keep documents orderly.

Laptop/ iPad bag
Gadgets rule the world today. There is always a new one or an improved version of the previous one. Instead of carrying papers to a meeting, people prefer to carry them electronically. Carrying these gadgets can be quite cumbersome especially if you have more than one. Sending your clients a laptop or iPad bag will be an excellent idea. Have them branded and they will help you carry the flag of your company everywhere they go.

You do not have a reason as to why you should not send your customer and staff a gift. Try working with some of the options above. You will not require spending too much, on your corporate gifting if you have a reliable source for singapore’s budget corporate gifts.

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