Five Popular Royal Wedding Dress in Fashion History

A royal wedding is one of the world’s most awaited and watched events. From the entourage to the guest list, down to the wedding gown of the bride, people from around the world anticipate witnessing the ceremony. Royal weddings also give us ordinary folks an opportunity to be taking style cues and gown inspirations from the bride herself.

Throughout the years, wedding gowns worn by royals have been dominating the bridal fashion world; from Princess Diana down to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. It is common that bridal dresses are taken inspiration from highly prolific royal wedding gowns since back in the day.

In this article, we have rounded up five royal icons with some of the most popular royal wedding dresses that can provide you with some inspiration while you hunt down your own bridal gown in various wedding boutiques in singapore that will make you feel like a princess down the aisle.

Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco
Made from lace that is over a century years old and more than 400 yards of fabric including silk, taffeta, and silk net, Grace Kelly’s wedding gown that she wore for her wedding to Prince Rainer of Monaco has been an icon since then. The dress features antique Brussels lace on her bodice which had lots of embellishment and seed pearls, along with a high neckline and multiple petticoats. Over time, it has become one of the best-remembered wedding gowns of all time.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
Timeless with refined modernity, the focus of the wedding dress is the open bateau neckline that frames the shoulders gracefully and emphasizes the sculpted waist. The simple yet classic dress also featured a slight A-line skirt and slim three-quarter sleeves for an elegant touch.

Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg
Nothing ever speaks of elegance and sophistication as what Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg wore to her wedding. A dramatic couture creation, the gown has a flattering A-line hem with a 13-foot long train embellished with thousands of pearls is definitely a sight to behold!

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge
Let us not forget in this list what Kate, Duchess of Cambridge wore to her wedding. Inspired by Grace Kelly’s wedding gown, this dress has given a modern twist with an iconic long trail too that added some drama and flair to her overall wedding look.

Diana, Princess of Wales
Last but certainly not least, who would ever forget about this much-anticipated wedding gown worn by the late Diana, Princess of Wales? Awaited by almost 750 million across the globe, the designers of this gown had to confuse the press about its exact design and style so as to not leak the actual attire to the media. The gown was made from silk taffeta and Carrickmacross lace that once belonged to Queen Mary—all hand-made. The gown was also embellished with a 25-foot long train embroidered with sequins and about 10,000 pearls.

It is without a doubt that royal wedding gowns greatly influence today’s bridal fashion. Most of the bridal dresses worn by royals are truly iconic that they do deserve a special mention and place in the industry. The innovative, unique and breathtaking designs definitely offer the opportunity for anyone to take inspiration from and feel regal in their own wedding. While you are gown shopping across wedding shops in Singapore, remember to find the right balance between inspiration and your personal style to find something that is fit for a queen, yet truly you.

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