Eco-Friendly & Money-Friendly: Gift Ideas For Corporations

More and more organizations these days are jumping in on the eco-friendly trend, and for good reason – it’s good for the environment and helps create a positive message for your brand.

But, of course, not all eco-friendly ideas are cheap, and they’re definitely not entirely unique.

Having said that, we rounded up a couple of eco-friendly corporate gift ideas that you can use to order from corporate gifts suppliers that are both cheap and unique.

1. Bamboo shirts

Affordable and comfortable to wear, bamboo shirts are slowly becoming the go-to choice for many environmentally-conscious consumers today.

You can use this to your advantage by gifting them to your most loyal customers every now and then as part of your corporate gifting campaign. On the other hand, you can also give them to your employees, as well as business partners.

2. Gift cards

Years ago, gift cards used to be very rampant. But, these days, not all companies are giving them away anymore, which presents itself as an opportunity for your company to be unique.

With gift cards, you can choose providers that use eco-friendly and sustainable materials when producing the cards. This way, you not only get your message across to your clients, but you also stay on brand with your eco-friendly campaign.

3. A high-quality, reusable bag

A lot of companies are starting to take notice and are giving away eco-friendly bags to their customers. However, the majority of them don’t really pay attention to quality.

Learn from their mistakes and invest in non-woven bags wholesale in Singapore that are actually made out of high-quality materials. By doing so, you’re actually giving your clients something that can be reused so many times while also helping them cut down on unnecessary paper and plastic waste.

Also, because eco-friendly bags are trending and yours are of high quality, your customers will most likely not mind flaunting them on the streets on their way to work.

4. Solar-powered devices

Unlike decades ago, solar-powered devices are much more accessible these days. There are plenty of devices that run on solar energy that don’t necessarily cost a lot of money. This includes anything from fans, speakers, to lighting, and so on.

You can order these from many suppliers these days and package it with your company’s branding before shipping them away to your clients and partners.

5. Eco-friendly plaques

There’s no better way to show recognition and appreciation than by giving away something that actually stands for it.

But, then again, plaques aren’t always the most eco-friendly options. You can take it up a notch, however, by buying plaques that are made out of bamboo and coconut.

You can then use these plaques to show model employees, as well as your favourite clients and customers, that you appreciate everything that they do for your company.

As you can see, eco-friendly doesn’t always have to be expensive, nor does it also mean that you have no choice but to copy what other companies are doing.

Regardless of which of these ideas or combination of them you choose, rest assured that your company will be doing its duty in helping to save the environment while also leaving a positive impression for your brand.

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