Factors To Consider Before You Buy Your Own Mermaid Dress

By now, you’ve probably seen countless celebrities strutting around award shows or down the red carpet decked out in these beautiful mermaid dresses. Sexy but still retaining an unquestionable air of elegance, these figure-hugging gowns seem to have everything you need in a dress.

However, before heading out to buy a shiny new mermaid dress for your next dinner party, you must consider if the mermaid silhouette is really the one for you. This guide will bring you through some of the more important factors you must consider before buying a dress or gown with the mermaid silhouette.

Your Body

The mermaid silhouette is set apart by just how closely it follows the figure of whoever’s wearing it. On paper, this sounds great. But in reality, this trademark is often a double-edged sword. You may be exceptionally proud of your bust or derriere, and a mermaid dress serves to accentuate it to the fullest.

However, any flaws or problem areas will also be highlighted and attract unwanted attention. For an apple or pear shaped body, disproportionately large hips will be further accentuated by a mermaid silhouette dinner dress. The mermaid silhouette work best for those with a full, hourglass-shaped body. Take a look in the mirror and be honest with yourself: is there anything you’d like to hide? If the answer is yes, you might want to shy away from the mermaid silhouette.

The Right Undergarments

At best, this might sound mildly invasive or horribly offensive at its worst, but hear us out. As already mentioned, mermaid dresses, or even wedding gowns, demand flawless lines through our bodies. This includes your undergarments, and avoiding the dreaded VPL.

Mermaid dresses are usually constructed with thin, flexible materials, such as lightweight silks or satins. Any unsightly lines from your undergarments will be on full display and clearly visible. Ensure you have appropriate, seamless undergarments to use with your mermaid dress before you regret your purchase.

The Event

What event you’re attending must also be considered before you commit to a mermaid silhouette. A mermaid gown or dress might sound good for a corporate Dinner and Dance in Singapore. Its figure hugging properties will let you look fantastic, but it may give you some grief in more rigorous festivities after dinner.

Mermaid dresses generally remain tight till your knees, which will restrict or hinder your movement. A mermaid silhouette is not a good complement to a wild night of partying and dancing, as you’ll find it very hard to move around freely and easily.

Keeping it Simple

Want to show off a flashy new necklace? Or are swanky accessories an essential part of your outfit? With mermaid dresses, less is more. The dress itself, and your figure, is the centrepiece of the entire outfit, and you should keep the rest of your look as simple as possible.

You’ll find many mermaid dresses, and even wedding gowns, in bridal boutiques in Singapore. Before you decide to buy one, or utilise dress rental services, consider these factors to see if a mermaid dress is the dress for you.

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