Find Out The 4 Most Popular Electric Guitar Body Style

Whether you are a first-timer trying out your first-ever electric guitar or a seasoned player doing your 10th round with your favorite musical instrument – the actual process of coming across the perfect style for your dream guitar never happens right.

This is because no matter how many body styles you have browsed or how many you already own, there are still hundreds of styles out there that you might not know about!

To top it all, there are several dozens of interesting facts about this mesmerising musical instrument that you might be still completely unaware of. If you have been looking to join one of the guitar classes for beginners for a head start – we’ll enlighten you with some of the most popular body styles out there first!

The different body styles

While learning or playing guitar on a regular basis, the players are known to develop a special attachment to specific body styles or types.

If the given body style won’t match the specific style of music you wish to play, all the best features of the instrument would be completely pointless. However, don’t fret! All you need to do is master the different guitar styles so you know which fits you best; or at least attempt to master it with patience and effort.

So, to help make things easier on your end – here are the four main body styles of an electric guitar you should know about:


Also referred to as the “Fender,” this is one of the most recognisable guitar styles in the world. Even folks who do not know how to play music on a guitar, and perhaps might not like it, are also aware of this popular household name.

After all, it was designed back in 1952 to 1954 by Leo Fender (which explains its other name), George Fullerton, Bill Carson and finally by Freddie Tavares who did the finishing touches. Compared to the rest of the solid body electrics, most guitarists would agree that the Stratocaster looked the ‘coolest’ of them all because of it’s striking yet simple feel.

The Stratocaster is not only a popular choice amongst the first-time guitar players, but it is also the only guitar style that is easily seen across all styles of music available out there. Usually, the Fender is typically associated with Rock n Roll and Blues music variants.


This is yet another popular Fender-style for guitar lovers out there. Possessing a highly classic yet timeless look – it is known to be geared up for the more “mature” crowd.

While it is not receiving that much attention or adoration these days, back in the day – it was the go-to guitar in terms of affordability and sound quality. As far as the sound quality is concerned, the Telecaster guitar style is known to create a thinner and a twangier sound in comparison to the Stratocaster.

Just like the Strat style, the Telecaster is also available as either a Fender or a Squier. What’s more, if you’re guitar fanatic – you’d probably know that it has been played by several famous guitarists like James Burton and Keith Richards.

Les Paul

Let’s give a round of applause for Les Paul – the second most known guitar style out there in the world.  It may not be the first, but it definitely deserves some credit for its existing position in the guitar industry.

As far as its unique identity is concerned, the Les Paul guitar style is known to be well-suited for the Rock n Roll genres that are harder or heavier. Slash and Jimmy Page are the two classic examples of the Les Paul guitar style.

If you’d like to go for a “thicker” sound, a Les Paul will suit you splendidly!

SG Style

If you’re thinking that this stands for ‘Singapore Style’ – you’re wrong! But there’s no harm with that conclusion – after all, it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Now, let us tell you what SG actually means in the guitar world. In this case, SG refers to ‘Solid Guitar’ – it was named that way as Les Paul didn’t want his name to appear on the guitar.

With respect to the identity of this guitar style, the SG Style has the edgiest style in comparison to the other guitar styles out there. Its body is thinner, and this feature makes the entire guitar body quite lightweight.

But when you compare its sound to a Les Paul, you won’t find much difference – due to the same woods and pickups being used. Then again, if you consider it as a whole for beginners – it’s perfect considering that it’s more affordable and lighter.

Before you actually attend one of the basic guitar lessons in Singapore to brush up on your skills – you need to have the right guitar body style!

It’s only when you’ve scored the right one that you can truly display your full potential. So, be sure to go through this brief list for a better understanding of the body style which suits you best.

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