Hazard-Free Kitchens: 4 Tips To Achieve It

From sharp utensils to piping hot dishes, the kitchen is perhaps the most hazardous location in all restaurants. To avoid potential accidents, it is important to factor in safety when it comes to purchasing kitchen equipment.

Getting the ideal equipment aside, listed below are four essential tips to prevent your kitchen from becoming a hazard ground.

Dress in the protective attire

People who work in kitchens should always don protective attire, including a pair of sturdy shoes and well-made, fire resistant clothing. If you are running a commercial kitchen, do ask the restaurant equipment suppliers in Singapore for a uniform that meets the safety guidelines.

Knowing your equipment

Licenced catering equipment suppliers in Singapore will always supply equipment with the necessary operating manuals and safety guidelines – so be sure to read them thoroughly. Some catering equipment suppliers in Singapore will go out of their way to send an expert to help with the installation of the equipment. At the same time, they will explain how to operate specialised equipment such as dishwashing machines or ice coolers.  Also, be careful to observe other less spoken rules such as: never use fingers to release an object stuck between the blades of a food processor, or to leave a faulty equipment alone.

Cleaning up

Avoid all slipping-related accidents by ensuring that all spillages promptly cleaned up. When cleaning a section of the kitchen, remember to put up a “cleaning in progress” sign. Such signage will also typically be available at most catering equipment suppliers in Singapore. Also, ensure that cleaning is thoroughly done. Aside from the kitchen, do ensure that all crockery and utensils are cleaned thoroughly – a job for professional cleaning agents.

Regulating movement in the kitchen

Kitchens are undoubtedly the busiest space in all commercial restaurants, therefore increasing the risk of accidents, such as bumping into someone carrying sharp utensils or hot liquids. One of the most effective ways to improve safety in the kitchen is by regulating people movement. You may consider restricting the entry to the kitchen and the pace of walking while in the kitchen. Some catering equipment suppliers in Singapore will even suggest ingenious moves that you can try out, such as installing a higher door handle to prevent children from straying into the kitchen.

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