How To Deal With Bullying In An International School

Your child getting bullied at school is one of the most frustrating things that could happen. For the reason that we do not want any harmful things to happen to our beloved child and because of there are different kind of students that our child interacts with whenever they are in school it is important to take note of the tips that we will give you.

Although your child is maybe studying on one of the best international schools in Singapore bullying is still the main problem not only here but in other parts of the world too. So what can we do if our child becomes a victim of bullying here are the following tips:

  • Seek for professional help – this is the most effective thing that you can do whenever your child becomes a victim of bullying especially if the scenario is really bad for them that it already affects their emotional well-being.

Counseling done by a medical professional will surely help your child recover from the trauma from bullying.

  • Get some quality time with your child – by doing this you will be helping your child to cope up from the trauma that is caused by bullying. It is also a great way to release some stress which can also boost their self-esteem as well.
  • Chase the people who bullied your child – by doing this you are leaving an imprint to the bullies that their bad doings must stop. A suspension or expulsion are the possible actions that these bullies must receive depends on the severity of what they have done to your child.
  • Teach your child to become tough – in schools not only in international schools there are always several bullies lurking around that is why teaching your child to become ready at all times is the best thing that you can do as a parent.
  • Bulk up – if your child is a boy and is extremely skinny ask for advice on how he can bulk up especially if he is still so young and still not advisable to lift weights. There are several vitamins and healthy diet that you can implement on your child to achieve this.

Because bullies only pick skinny kids and will not bully a child that is well-built for the reason that they are also afraid of losing.

Now you have these tips on your mind, take an action immediately if your child got bullied in their school. Because once you let be taken for granted they are a lot of possible negative effects that can happen to your child such as:

  • Leave them with the emotional trauma that will become a very huge hindrance on their socialization with other people.
  • Physical abuse that could lead to fatalities or even death.
  • Poor academic performance due to absenteeism and less confidence.

See? Those are only a few negative effects that can happen to your child if you do not take bullying seriously. Some children are not really open on what’s happening on them in school that is why you must talk to them from time to time so that you will know if your child might be a possible victim of bullying.

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