How To Make Your Child Excel In An International School

Studying in an international school can be an especially great experience for your child because of many various reasons, whether it is the diverse culture among students, the numerous subjects available to allow one to broaden their minds or the top-notch extra-curricular activities.

But the question remains: How can you make sure that your child is giving his best in every school work that he or she does, all the more so if your child is studying in one of the best international schools in Singapore in which the competition between students becomes stiff when it comes to academics.

Here are some ways you can bring your A-game to your child’s academics or any other school activities.

Offer a reward

Offering incentives are always the best way to go when it comes to motivating your child to study harder, it makes them feel rewarded and appreciated. You can try to offer a toy or any other types of gift that is to their liking for every achievement that your child takes home from school. Though it is a good of raising their spirits, do not overdo this as our primary objective here is just to motivate the child, not to spoil them.

Find out what your child excels in

In most cases, it will usually be a sport, otherwise, it might even be other talents like playing instruments or dancing. Either way, just make sure that you nourish your child’s talent on that particular activity and get them to join the school’s team or club so that he or she can gain some recognition and extra points.

You can determine the sport or activity that your child is interested in by making careful observations when your child is reacting to a particular sport, activity or when he or she is engaging in their hobby. After you have pointed out the interest that your child has talent or passion in, you should take part in the same interest as your child as well, so that you can increase his or her performance on the activity while also spending time with them. If you’re not an active parent, don’t worry, you can always allow your child to go for classes or games to give them more experience or allow them to enhance their skills in that sport or activity.

Advice them to get enough sleep

To function properly and perform to your best ability, we all know that one of the most essential things is to get sufficient sleep. This is especially important for international school students as they are exposed to high standards of academics which makes them prone to stress and weariness.

For that reason, it is crucial that you advise them to sleep early as it is a great way to cope with the stress and fatigue that has been built up after the long hours of schooling. There is nothing wrong with using their time to browse through their social media using their phones and tablets, however, there must be a limit to such activities as it is usually the key reason to why their sleeping hours are being compromised.

With these ways, you can make sure to bring out your child’s maximum potential when he or she is enrolling in an international school. To spice things up, you can also add some twists here and there on these techniques for it to become more appealing for your son or daughter.

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