How To Treat Skin Pigmentation & Things To Note Beforehand

Brown spots or skin pigmentation on the face are rather common. Hormonal changes, sun exposure, and previous inflammations to the skin may all result in skin pigmentation. Also, note that skin pigmentation can occur at different ages.


Protecting your skin from the sun is the first treatment for skin pigmentation. You can also prevent future sun damage and pigmentation by wearing a UVB and UVA shielding sunscreen, providing your facial skin with antioxidants (mainly veggies and fruits) and avoiding long periods of sun exposure.

Pigment lasers are very effective in treating skin pigmentation. Often lasers will deliver excellent results yet have lower risks of causing post-laser pigmentation. Always choose a suitable pigment laser for your skin problem. Lasers can be used to improve pore size, texture, acne scar removal Singapore, fine lines and even pigmentation.

Lightening creams which have a high medical-grade and are only available with a prescription might help in lightening superficial pigmentation.

Things to note before treating skin pigmentation

Laser treatments are most effective when administered by a trained and well-qualified doctor. Your dermatologist will have a discussion with you regarding the various laser treatments available, the expected outcomes, the recommended number of treatment sessions required, and the likely downtime or even complications. Your doctor, using high-grade and reliable lasers, will carry out all the laser procedures, with the objective for best results with the least possible risks.

It is essential that you get an accurate diagnosis prior to starting out on any acne scar removal Singapore since some pigmentation might worsen following an aggressive laser treatment as is the case of melasma.

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