Key IB Subjects That Distinguish The Programme From Others

We all know that international school accommodates different needs for each individual. Meanwhile, in most of schools today are still concerned with the final results in the form of scores or grades. Actually in education the most important thing is in the process not on the final results obtained by the child. Thus, when you want best for your kids, you should consider a good curriculum. One of the best curriculums is in IB. You can see the international baccalaureate subjects Singapore to know how visionary this curriculum is.Each student will be allowed to choose 6 subjects from the fields of mathematics, art, social studies, languages and experimental experiences. Assessment of each subject will be divided into 3 components, namely:

1. Extended Essay

Students will be given a topic and asked to complete a 4000 word essay. To complete this task, students must conduct research, whether through articles, journals, surveys, and other methods that are appropriate to the subject matter taken. Here students are required to be independent, applying the knowledge they have learned to discuss and analyze the topics given. The process of completing the extended essay is very helpful for students to adjust to undergraduate lectures. Because all the undergraduate lectures, assignments like this will be held for all courses as part of the assessment process.

2. Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

TOK in international baccalaureate subjects Singapore addresses 6 fields, namely ethics, history, art, mathematics, science and social sciences. Students are trained to express their opinions, arguments, accompanied by theories they have learned, or supported by relevant news stories that they have read (from articles, television, journals, etc.).They will be tested for how much they understand the lessons they have learned, and how they can apply them in analyzing and solving real cases that occur in the world or in everyday life. Each student may have a different view of a problem. Answers are not judged from right and wrong, but through how students present their point of view and how students express and reinforce their arguments. From here, aside from being able to see how deeply students understand the concepts of the lesson being taught, each student’s emotions can also be seen and assessed.

3. CAS (Creative, Action, Service)

CAS in international baccalaureate subjects Singapore is a project that is done outside the classroom. Students can choose according to the subjects they take. For example for social science subjects, students can make projects “organize blood donor events”, or “educate the public about the importance of education” and so forth. After determining the desired topic and in accordance with the subject, the student must arrange the implementation of the project. This trains students to go into the field, interact with people, conduct surveys and research, then convey it in reports. Thus, students will be more open-minded and have the opportunity to apply the theories they learn in class in the real world.

That’s all the subjects every student in IB will get. It can cover all materials needed in the future because the subjects are all integrative and holistic. It comes better because teachers there know how to attract students to think more about things they are learning.

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