Know When To Change Your Bed Frame With These 4 Factors

Although every investment has its benefits and its downside, there is one investment that only has an upside to it. Even if it burns a minor hole in your pocket, investing in bed frames may just be the best investment that you will make. A bed is not just for laying down after a long day at work, it is that one piece of furniture that binds the entire bedroom. It is also the first and last thing you see every day, therefore, having an aesthetic bed frame can uplift your mood and be a sight for sore eyes after a hard day. It is important to place a coffee table or side table too.

A Typical Bedroom Setting

Singapore ranks top in the most expensive cities to live in, as of 2018. With property and rental prices reaching the sky, most of us settle for 1 or 2 bedroom apartments, or 1 unit houses that hardly have enough space to fit all the bedroom furniture staples. If you somehow manage to squeeze in the entire bed frame, you will not be able to place the bedside tables. On the other hand, most bedrooms in city apartments today hardly have any breathing space, therefore, fitting a chest is almost impossible.

Singapore is also known as the country of expatriates, which means that it is one of the friendliest places to welcome immigrants. People who are packing up their houses and have decided to make Singapore their new home will need to store their luggage in one place or another.

You may easily find boxes and suitcases lined up in the corner of a bedroom or living room. Just looking at the right places will provide you with ample of options for bed frames that can even solve your storage problems.

So, is it time for change?

Indeed, it is! When choosing from a variety of bed frames, you need to consider the following four factors:

  • Size
  • Sturdiness
  • Style
  • Storage

Size of a bed frame is an important factor since mattresses vary in sizes across the globe. There are four types of bed frames, with the following dimensions, found in Singapore:

  • Single (L190 cm x W91 cm)
  • Super Single (L190 cm x W107 cm)
  • Queen (L190 cm x W152 cm)
  • King (L190 cm x W183 cm)

Size is not just about the surface, the height of the bed frame also counts.

The sturdiness of your bed frame should also be considered when purchasing one for your room. What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom, nevertheless a sturdy frame is important so that the mattress does not slide whenever you jump into bed. Moreover, a sturdy frame resists movement, which means you will minimize the squeaking sounds whenever you roll over to your side.

Depending on whether you are going for a sleek and modern design, giving your room a bohemian touch or just sticking with rustic wood, every style comes with a different level of sturdiness.

Style & storage are the last 2 key factors that will help to increase the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. Here are some of the options:

  • Storage Beds – If you are short on space, storage beds are the perfect addition to your room. Some even have sliding drawers or a built-in headboard to allow some walking space.
  • Box Spring – It is a sturdy bed frame with springs enclosed in the wooden base, upholstered with fabric.
  • Divan – A divan bed frame is made up of wooden slats, draped in stretched upholstery. It offers a firm sleeping area and is cheaper.
  • Canopy Bed – If you are all about, ‘Old but Gold’, the four-poster bed frame like the Castello Poster Bed is what you want. White drapes tied to every corner is the perfect way to start that fairytale romance and wake up to sieved sunrays every morning.
  • Platform Bed – These are more commonly used with waterbeds since the mattresses require an extra-wide frame.

Furniture Singapore – A Variety of Options That Match Your Budget

If you want to keep the luxury lifestyle but spend less, Prestige Affairs offers simple but stylish options to keep you engaged. You should also visit a furniture shop to get your ideal furniture!

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