Knowing The Different Types Of King-Sized Beds

California King Beds are commonly known by the name, the Western King bed. This kind of bed measures from 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. California beds are both narrower and longer by 4 inches in comparison with a standard size king bed. These beds are perfect for individuals who cannot fit comfortably on a standard bed. Also, some people may prefer having a bedside table.

California king bed is designed especially for those people who have an exceptional height. This bed comes with a particular fitted sheet that fits well on all four sides. These beds have the same size of a comforter and flat sheet with the standard one.

Split King Bed

Split King Beds are known for their versatility. This type of King Bed is perfect for a master’s bedroom and guest room. One can pull back this bed to make two separate beds. Split beds are useful for people who like to have their own separate beds. On the other hand, one can push back these beds together to make a king bed for couples.

Split king size beds are 76-78 inches wide and 80 inches long, which is of almost the same size as that of the standard king beds. A split king bed comes up with a twin mattress. This split king bed is perfect to fulfill the needs of different bedrooms.

Now, you know about what types of a king size bed available in online furniture shop in Singapore are. You can opt for an ideal king size bed depending on your needs and requirements. It is not a difficult task to get a king bed after reading about its types and their respective dimensions. So, head over to a furniture store to get hands on a perfect bed for your bedroom at a furniture sale now!

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