Modern Décor Tips That Give Your Home An Instant Face-Lift

If you want your home décor to truly current tastes and preferences, a contemporary décor is an ideal choice. Contemporary designs feature current market trends and a focus on constantly changing décor elements.

Although modern décor is similar to contemporary designs, due to its focus on clean spaces as well as neutral colors, contemporary décor stands out with its sleek and linear quality. The important features that set apart a contemporary décor from the rest are:

  • Seamless and sleek interiors with a linear profile
  • Polished surfaces with white, black, and grey tones
  • Décor constantly evolves based on current trends

Here are five such home décor models you are sure to incorporate in your home:

1. Form gains Precedence over Function

While it function is usually prioritised over form in designing a room, in contemporary décor the form takes precedence.

Form here implies the shape. Contemporary forms feature straight and elegantly curved lines. For an appealing décor, choosing a professional Singapore interior design company is a wise choice. These can be added to your décor in different ways:

  • You can put up room dividers or take them down
  • Adding curved light, furniture, and other décor elements is another way

2. Make use of Natural Materials

You should use natural materials to create a beautiful exterior and interior. This doesn’t mean that you are restricted to wood furniture; you can also make use of organic materials for the exterior and leather furniture within the house. Use materials like teak, slate, rock, wood, wool, cotton, and other textiles in your home furnishing rather than just conventional home furnishings.

3. Neutral Shades

One fundamental aspect of a contemporary design is the neutral shade. If you prefer your home décor to emphasize contemporary décor, you need to choose shades like grays, whites, blacks, and tans. A touch of bold solids acts as a wonderful highlight but make sure you minimise its use and as an accent shade. Other shade ideas include mixing neutrals or using color sparingly. When you include plenty of texture in the various décor elements, it helps to create visual interest.

4. Natural Light

The layering of lighting is a definite step towards a uniquely contemporary décor. It makes the décor look outstanding. In addition to natural light elements, you can include layered options such as:

  • Ambient lighting is the lighting you get from general lighting fixtures. The lighting fills the entire home, making it a safe and homely place to be in. Ambient lighting includes wall mounted lighting fixtures, track lighting, and recessed lighting.
  • Accent lighting provides a special impact on the focal point of a room like a painting, wall art, etc. Track lights, picture lights, and light fixtures mounted on walls as well as dimmers are used for accent lighting.

There are other ways to make lighting impart a contemporary style to your décor, like task lights that serve a specific function, such as desk lamps and pendant light hangings. Using the services of creative interior design firms can make the task of choosing the right décor elements easier.

5. Airiness and Delicacy is the key

You should opt for home furnishings, tables, and sofas that are more relaxed. Instead of heavy and stuffy ornamentation, rectilinear or curvilinear lines give a more lightweight and casual feel.

Moreover, your furniture should be raised off the floor in order to give weightlessness to your home. When it comes to the exteriors, flat, cantilever, or large overhanging rooflines and creative window designs can be chosen with materials that beautifully blend with the nature around your house.

Contemporary is nothing but an aesthetic fusion of designs that give a fresh, vibrant, and gorgeous feel to the décor.  The unique feature about contemporary décor is that they keep changing and whatever trend is popular at a particular time is added on to the décor. Whether it is hardwood flooring or open kitchen designs, you can easily identify a contemporary interior design from other forms of décor.

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