Online Courses: A Good Way To Learn A New Language Today

When it comes to learning a new language, technology has been making good progress all over the world. In 2012, founders Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker developed the popular app Duolingo, which allowed individuals to learn new languages through online courses. It proved to be just as effective and even better than traditional classroom learning! Since then, the world of online language classes has blown up, with many people seeking a better and cost-effective option of learning something new.

Learning through online courses

When it comes to online courses, a study at MIT found that they were just as efficient and maybe even better than traditional language lessons. The group of researchers had students take a test from both online and in traditional classrooms, and the results were in favour of online courses!

This showed that online classes are indeed efficient, and provide almost the same level of teaching as traditional classes, and maybe even more! They offer better access to online forums and discussions, better student-teacher relationship, and plenty of other educational benefits.

If you want to know more about how online courses can help you to learn a new language efficiently, then here are 3 ways you can do so!

1. Online courses have a faster teaching schedule

Not only do online courses provide the same level of teaching as traditional schools, but they can also help to speed up your learning process! Most traditional classes often stress over unimportant details, spending years learning unnecessary information before getting to the basics.

On the other hand, with an online course, you are simply taught all the basics and the foundation that you need to learn from the start. For example, with an online Korean class in Singapore, you could speak Korean like a pro in a matter of months!

2. Allow you to connect and communicate easily

Through online Korean classes, you can easily connect with millions of people all around the world who are learning the same language as you. You will no longer be limited to the four walls of a classroom! This is an essential part of learning a new language as you need to be able to communicate and practice with other people. Online classes give you that opportunity and more.

3. Make learning much more accessible for all

With traditional school settings, you have to pay much more to learn a language that spans years. The chances of a language school being around where you live is small too. This is where being able to learn Korean online or any other language can be cost-effective and offer many benefits. This ensures that those who really want to learn a new language have access to the right tools to do so from anywhere in the world.


Online courses make you responsible for your own education. This means you get to decide where and when you are willing to learn. This self-discipline is greatly required if you are planning on learning a new language.

Thus, make the best decision and learn Korean online in Singapore today! With our online Korean classes, you too can learn the language and speak it in no time!

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