Penetration Testing: Qualities Of A Good Service Provider

With a lack of awareness of cybersecurity threats and solutions, you would be surprised to find out the number of businesses that go about with their operations, while unconsciously putting themselves at risk of cyber attacks. With the absence of proper penetration testing conducted by accredited cybersecurity specialists, the threat of a cyber attack could be more imminent than you think.

What Is A Penetration Test?

A penetration test analyses how vulnerabilities or threats can put your organisation at risk. Whether it is your network, web applications or mobile applications, the penetration test will identify risks that a real hacker can exploit. After which, solutions tailored to your business needs would be provided to enhance your security posture. Bearing in mind your network’s infrastructure and data, you can count on these accredited cybersecurity companies to craft a bespoke proposal.

So if you are on the hunt for a Singapore-based penetration testing service provider, here is a quick checklist to seek the most comprehensive penetration testing solution.

1. Check For The Credentials

Do a quick search on the company: is the company certified by any globally accredited organisations? To be recognised by these organisations, the company will be audited to ensure that their policies follow the organisation’s strict regulations regarding privacy, ethics, and skill levels. One such organisation is CREST, a non-profit accreditation that is internationally recognised within the cybersecurity ecosystem. A CREST accreditation easily sets a cybersecurity company apart from the rest.

We are a CREST-certified company. We had gone through a period of rigorous auditing to ensure that our standards and penetration testing methods are up to date and effective – critical in this fast-changing technical security environment. Further to our accreditation, the company has an active professional indemnity insurance coverage to give greater assurance to customers.

2. Provides A Focus On Customers

Before the test, it is good for the cybersecurity company to gather as much information on your company and industry, looking out for information that attackers can exploit. If the company has assisted other businesses in a similar field as yours, for instance, other fintech or e-commerce businesses, you would be assured to know they have the experience and expertise.

Additionally, in such a technical field, it is important to loop customers in on the result of their penetration tests. You would want to engage a company that has been known to deliver a detailed penetration testing report. This enables you to act on the proposed solutions with clarity and confidence.

3. Offering Effective Follow-Up Solutions

Lastly, it is recommended to engage a company that offers more than just penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services. If you’re looking for other effective cybersecurity solutions in Singapore, such as an effective web application firewall (WAF), check with the company if they offer it. In this way, you can take more effective action to provide your business with a robust cybersecurity defence.


Carrying out a periodic penetration test can help you manage the security of your network. All networks are fragile, and a regular penetration testing exercise offers you an opportunity to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities. A driven cybersecurity team would have a strong philosophy. At here, the passionate team operates on the ‘Offensive-Inspired Cyber Defence’ principle, focusing on penetration testing services to ensure that their clients are well secured. So when you’re sourcing for cybersecurity solutions, use these tips to seek out a company you can entrust your valuable digital assets with.

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