Reasons To Invest In Red Packets For Your Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts can open up several opportunities to publicise your brand.

More importantly, they are a great way to show clients your appreciation, boosting customer satisfaction and retention!

Considering that every company needs to deal with clients in some form, corporate gifts can be a worthwhile investment for any company – whether business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C).

An excellent corporate gift should be appropriate for anyone and make a strong impression on your customer. Red packets exemplify these traits. Practical, meaningful, and eye-catching, red packets are an exceptional corporate gift!

When elevated by red packet printing, they also become replete with branding potential. If you are still unconvinced, here are some of the reasons why you should consider red packets for your next corporate gift.


Despite originating in China, the custom of gifting red packets has spread all across Asia, from Vietnam to the Philippines.

Red packets were initially used as a ward against evil spirits, but have since evolved to have broader symbolic meaning. To the Chinese, the colour red represents happiness, energy and good luck. As such, giving someone a red packet is akin to wishing them good luck and fortune.

Most people are familiar with the custom of giving out red packets on Chinese New Year. In this case, red packets are an expression of well-wishes for our loved ones.

However, red packets are also gifted for various other celebrations, like weddings or birthdays, as a token of congratulations or appreciation.

As corporate gifts, they serve as an unspoken display of gratitude towards your clients. It also serves a symbol of good faith, as you implicitly wish for their business to prosper!


Red packet printing gives you endless design possibilities for your red packets. You will have no trouble putting your company’s image on the packet, whether in a light-hearted or professional manner.

You can start by choosing a high-quality out-of-the-box textured material, like fabric textured paper, to craft your red packets.

You can then imprint your company logo in gold foil to symbolise prosperity and promote branding.

Follow up the design with numerous texture-modifying techniques like embossing and die-cutting, to give your red packets a unique, exciting feel.

While this can serve as an effective avenue for branding, it also sends a clear message to your clients. With these intricate, thoughtful designs, your customers will see that are willing to go above and beyond for them!


Cost-effectiveness comes with versatility, and red packets are suitable for any occasion.

As mentioned before, they are appropriate gifts for any celebratory events, including weddings, birthdays and graduations. Moreover, they are also suitable as gifts for anyone!

While the custom has its origins in Chinese culture, the symbolism of the red packet would not be lost on anyone in Singapore. A monetary is just as thoughtful as any other practical gift you have in mind. Clearly, B2C companies can get a lot of use out of their red packets – but so can B2B companies! Red packets are ideal gifts to commemorate the closing of a successful deal, or even for introductions to potential business partners.

A customised red packet with professional red packet printing may also boost confidence in your company’s professionalism. As long as you want to make a good impression, red packets are there to help.

It is plain to see that the humble red packet can pack a big punch. Its flexibility and ubiquitous meaning make it a prime option for corporate gifts. Of course, it would be best to pair your gorgeous red packets with additional corporate gifts.

Several corporate gift shops are providing customized gift boxes in Singapore. You can get some really stunning gift boxes, made just the way you want them. Whatever your corporate gift packaging needs, Print&Pack can provide.

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