Reasons Why Air Diffusion Products Benefits Singaporeans

Singapore is not an immaculate city. You will see greyish haze frequently over its lands. This problem can cause consequential health risks. Long term exposure can cause serious health problems. But to every problem, there is a possible solution.

What are Air diffusion products?

Air diffusion products are devices that disperse molecules of essential oils. They use water and ultrasonic vibrations and provide you with particle-free air. They direct the air at different angles. Grilles are special devices that extract air vertically without any deflection and purifies it.

Diversity available

There is a huge variety of air diffusion products available. You can have diffusers for all kinds of room architectures. Ceiling Swirl Diffusers, Circular Floor Swirl, and flow disk are circular shaped diffusers that fit almost anywhere and serves the very purpose. Perforated Face Ceiling Diffusers, Linear Floor Grille, and Non-Vision Grille are other types of grilles and diffusers. Double deflection Grille and Egg Crate Grille will always prove to be better products.

Supply Registers

Supply Air Register is a very popular choice for cooling, heating and ventilating purposes. Its design ensures adaptation to all air throw patterns and pressure drops. Its horizontal and vertical, adjustable blades make possible a wide range of air patterns.

Weatherproof Louvre

These are highly corrosion resistance and are able to withstand rough handling. Maximum weather protection is provided by its 45 degrees angled blades. The rain lips minimize the ingress of rainwater and ensure weather protection. Insect screens are also available.

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