Tap Water Consumption In Singapore: Is It A Yes Or No Go?

Have you heard of a Boil Water Advisory? In some places of the world, this advisory is given when their city’s water systems are thought to be contaminated by pathogens. To make water safe for drinking, residents are advised to boil their water before being used for consumption.

Fortunately for us in Singapore, there is no such thing. The government declares that Singapore’s tap water is safe for consumption straight from the tap, without the need for boiling or further filtration. In fact, the nation’s water supply is certified to be well within the safe limits set by the World Health Organisation.

How does Singapore maintain the quality of tap water?

Tap water in Singapore is managed by the Public Utilities Board. Apart from their sophisticated water treatment processes, they also conduct stringent monitoring and checks at various steps of the process from the reservoirs to distribution systems to ensure that the water that reaches our taps is safe for consumption. Throughout the year, the PUB runs over 500,000 tests on water along physical, organic, inorganic, radiological and microbiological criteria.

Is it really safe to drink tap water?

Generally, yes, it is. Thanks to the PUB’s strict protocols and tests, Singapore’s water supply is generally safe for drinking straight out of the tap.

However, there are still chances where the quality of water may dip as it reaches your tap. Old or ill-maintained water pipes and tanks in your home may be the cause for contaminants in water, or even discoloured water. You also can’t ignore the fact that your water faucet is well-exposed to the elements, and might be a contributor to pollutants in your water.

Additionally, Singapore’s tap water still contains some levels of chemicals like chlorine and fluorine. These chemicals are present in very low levels, within the WHO’s safe drinking water guidelines. Despite this, some people may not like the idea of ingesting these chemicals, as they are harmful to the body when consumed in high amounts.

Is there a better solution to get clean drinking water?

If you wish to have additional precautions for the water you drink every day, there are plenty of options for installing a filtration system into your home.

Direct-piping water dispensers are a wonderful choice because they are essentially tankless, and saves space in your home. If you are looking to purchase a water cooler in Singapore, it is recommended that you get one with reliable filtration technology so that you can have a better peace of mind about the water you drink.

Our water purifier dispensers come with multi-step filtration features, offering you an additional layer of protection against any unwanted elements in your water. Not only is the water filtered before it reaches your cup, but the dispenser also automatically sterilises the internal water pipes and external nozzle. 

When it comes to water that you drink every day, won’t you say it is worth it to err on the side of caution? Check out our range of products for some of the best water dispensers you can add to your home.

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