The 6 Advantages of Sleeping on Pocket Spring Mattresses

There’s a good reason why most people think of buying a pocket spring mattress when shopping for a mattress in Singapore – they’re extremely popular, and they work quite well. Below are the many benefits of sleeping on a pocket spring mattress and why you should think of investing in one.

1.    Zero Movement Transfer

Unlike other types of mattresses where your body weight is spread across the surface, each pocket spring reacts independently – even for king size mattresses in Singapore. This helps promote a good night’s sleep.

2.    Consistently Firm

The level of firmness across the entire surface of a pocket spring mattress is hard to replicate. The tension is very consistent, owing it to the individually-enclosed pocket springs. This helps add to the level of comfort when sleeping on a pocket spring mattress.

3.    Total Pain and Pressure Relief

The pressure of sleeping on a mattress that’s soft or too hard can make it very uncomfortable to sleep. This can make every waking moment of your life a lot more stressful than it should be. But, with pocket spring mattresses, each individual spring acts to support your entire body, making it near-impossible for individual areas, like your hips and shoulders, to have too much pressure when sleeping. For this very reason, pocket spring mattresses are often recommended for orthopaedic patients with hip and shoulder problems.

4.    Extreme Comfort

Because they are often high-end mattresses, pocket spring mattresses are fitted with a luxurious upper-layer of foam that makes your mattress soft to the touch and even more comfortable to sleep on at night.

5.    Support for all Shapes and Sizes

The strength and durability of pocket spring mattresses make it so that they are able to support nearly everyone. If you and your spouse have a notable size difference, the pocket springs will allow each of you to experience just the right level of comfort necessary for you to get a good night’s sleep.

With pocket spring mattresses, no longer do you have to worry about buying one that the other prefers. Both of you will likely enjoy the mattress you’re sleeping on because the pocket springs will adjust to your body.

6.    Durable

Being top-of-the-line mattresses means that when you purchase a pocket spring mattress Singapore, you’re getting nothing short of the best.

With proper care and maintenance, it won’t be a surprise if your pocket spring mattress ends up lasting for at least a decade if not longer!

Pocket spring mattresses may be expensive, hard to move once in place, and generally, not as heavily advertised as before, but pocket spring mattresses remain one of the best that the mattress industry has to offer as far as luxury and comfortability goes.

They’re simply the best choice for a quality, bang-for-the-buck mattress.

If you’re looking to make a quality investment that you will reap the benefits from for decades from the date of purchase, then look no further than a pocket spring mattress.

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