The Evolution Of Photo Booths

Today, wedding photo booths are so commonplace, it is hard to imagine a time without this nifty invention. But instant photo booths are actually a relatively new tool to hit the local markets, having hit Singaporean shores only in the mid-2000s. Back then, pictures were not as crisp and there was an immense amount of effort needed to operate, maintain and produce great pictures with the photo booth. In contrast, modern photo booths are grand, professional-looking and print pictures at a rapid speed. It is important, however, to understand the roots of the photo booth in Singapore to better understand its role today. In this article, we will explore and explain the key points in the history of photo booths and find out how photo technology innovation has made the instant photo booth what it is today.

Origins of the Photo Booth

The first appearance of the modern photo booth was during the Roaring Economy of the 1920s. During this period, technology advanced rapidly as the economy rebuilt itself after World War I. This photo booth appeared in Broadway, New York City, in 1925. It was self-operating, similar to a vending machine. Visitors could insert a 25-cent coin to snap eight pictures, which were developed on the spot. The whole process took about ten minutes. Despite the wait, this photo booth was immensely popular, with 280,000 people using it in the first six months. New Yorkers flocked to this new invention, so much so that the inventor of this photo booth was paid 1 million dollars and guaranteed royalties for life for this amazing innovation. Years later, this photo booth technology would be used all over the globe and even make its way to our home country, Singapore.

Photo Sticker Booths

In the early 2000s, photo sticker booths began to pop up all over Singapore, particularly in arcades. These booths were the first to introduce customisation of the pictures taken, particularly with blue-screen effects. Instead of printing pictures automatically, users can use a touchscreen or press buttons to customise their printout with features such as basic beautification and lighting changes. Once done, the selected pictures are printed out. These types of photo booths are also one of the first to introduce a social element to photo booths – they will print out multiple sets of the same picture, so all people inside the photo booth can have one copy for themselves. While these booths first originated in Japan, they have become immensely popular in East and Southeast Asia, including in Singapore.

Event photo booth rentals

Finally, the pinnacle of the 21st-century photo booth is the modern instant photo booths. These photo booths combine the key elements from their predecessors, such as instant-speed printing, with social media connectivity. With the finest photo booth, it is even possible to download pictures immediately after they are taken. On top of that, photo booth companies provide a variety of props that guests can use for their photos, adding another level of customisation and interactivity between the guests. Overall, these types of event photo booths have taken over the country’s photo booth landscape, appearing in almost every type of event – including weddings, birthday parties and corporate functions.


Undoubtedly, photo booths have become an integral part of the Singaporean event lineup. In the coming years, who knows what photo booth companies can add to their already impressive lineup of features?

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