The Mattress Hunt: 3 Things To Consider For Your BTO Flat

Are you and your significant other the proud owner of a new BTO home flat? If so, you need a new mattress to go along with ensuring a good night’s sleep! Picking the right mattress for you and your significant other is indeed important, mainly when it provides much-needed energy for both of you to take on the next day!

A good mattress can make all the difference. As such, here are 3 reasons you should look out for when choosing the best mattress for your new BTO home flat!

Pain alleviation & rest

When it comes to a peaceful night’s sleep for you and your partner, pain alleviation and rest should be your top priority! Choosing a bed that doesn’t seek to aggravate any injuries that you might previously have ensures that you will be able to go to sleep comfortably and wake up feeling better!

One mattress that you should take a look at is the chiropractic mattress. Due to their firm feel and material, chiropractic mattresses ensure you won’t sink into your bed, and provides ample support and care for spinal alignment, one of the major determinants of back pain.

If you’re looking for an effective way to alleviate any back or spinal pain, a chiropractic firm mattress is just what you need!

Extreme comfort and support

Do you or your significant other find it hard to fall asleep at night? Then perhaps what you’re looking for is a mattress with extreme comfort and support! You can look no further than a memory foam mattress!

Not only will you receive excellent support and comfort, but a memory foam mattress can ensure you’ll drift off to sleep right after a long travel or workday. With your significant other, the comfort levels make a huge difference in how comfortable the mattress is. It is also able to distribute your body weight based upon pressure and heat across its top layer.

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Then it’s time to pick up a memory foam mattress!

Heat dissipation

It is always best to ensure that in your new BTO home flat, that heat isn’t a big problem. With Singapore’s weather, an excellent mattress to combat the heat is a must. Introducing the Defense Arcticsilk Atlantis, incorporating gel-infused foam material to ensure that you and your partner will feel cool throughout the night!

Thanks to the gel-infused foam material, its ability to absorb body heat can make all the difference as a cooling mattress! Other features of gel-infused foam mattresses include an increase in airflow, heat dispersion, and a comfortable night’s rest. Despite their quality features, gel-infused foam mattresses generally come at a price everyone can afford!

Your solution is gel-infused foam mattresses for that extra cooling every night!

Conclusion: Which is a good mattress for BTO home flats?

The good thing about mattresses these days are the ability for them to fit directly into your needs, depending on your sleep environment, condition, and much more. Need space for storage? Simply pair up your chosen mattress with a storage bed frame for extra utility! When it comes to a good mattress for your BTO flat, you should always consult your significant other, look around for the best deals and sales, and ensure that the mattress chosen is one that both of you can enjoy a good night’s rest in!

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