The Transformation Story Of Important Kitchen Tools

A kitchen is incomplete without its equipment. From food processors to baking ovens, these equipment are essential to ensuring the deliverance of delectable dishes to both loved ones and consumers. Today, we take a closer look at seven kitchen tools and their evolution over time.

Fire pots 

An invaluable cooking tool, the history of fire pots date back to over 10,000 years. Over time, one will find that the size and shape of the fire pots have changed considerably. As compared to clay, fire pots today are usually made from steel. It is also considered an essential component of Singapore’s commercial catering equipment.

Rice Cooker

First introduced in post-war Japan, rice cookers was invented as an alternative to the huge pots that were used to cook rice. The invention of the automated heat controlling process meant that users were no longer required to constantly keep an eye on the large, boiling pot. Today, one will be able to find a range of rice cookers, with the electric rice cooker as the most popular of the variety.

Food Steamer

Developed by the Chinese, the food steamer’s purpose is to, literally, steam food. For the health conscious, the food steamer is a kitchen staple. Unlike other cooking methods (think boiling and frying), the process of steaming is oil-less and allows the retention of the food’s nutrients. With the advancement of technology, new features such as the automatic timer and the addition of tiered layers has added further convenience for its users.

Russian Oven

Designed for prolonged heat retention, the Russian oven was first introduced in the 15th century. Ideal for both the heating of food and baking of pastries, the oven may also be used for domestic heating. The oven resembles that of a pizza oven, where food is put and taken out with a special wooden paddle.

Beehive Oven 

A popular kitchen equipment up till the invention of gas/electric ovens, the beehive oven is essentially a fire brick chamber used for baking. Similar to the Russian oven, the beehive oven is also used for heating. The name of this unique oven can be traced to its beehive-like dome-shaped exterior.


Featuring an enclosed space to which fuel is burned to produce heat, the stove’s history can be traced back to the 18th century. Invented by the French, stoves were made for cooking as well as the heating of rooms. Today, you’ll find a variety of stoves, including kitchen stoves for home kitchens to larger-built ones for commercial usage, that are readily available in the market.

Deep Fryer 

The first deep fryer was first utilised in 1790. Today, it has become one of the most commonly used kitchen items around the world. Mostly used for the deep frying of food such as fries and chicken, this handy equipment is often accompanied by tools including tongs and strainers.

Readily available across Singapore’s commercial kitchen suppliers, it is recommended to arm your kitchen, domestic or commercial, with these essential equipment.

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