Tips for young professionals on residential areas to live in

Though Singapore is a small country yet, it has a variety of fabulous neighbourhoods suitable for all kinds of people. Sometimes it gets overwhelming and confusing to choose between these neighbourhoods. As a professional, some factors are important to make your decision about living in a specific area. These include; proximity to your workplace, access to subway/bus stations, parking areas in buildings, affordable restaurants and cafes, cost of living, affordability of place and space available. Below are some of the neighbourhoods which are good for businessmen and young professionals:


This area is famous for its restaurants, condos and shopping centres. It is very near to Kampong Glam and has an access to the East-West line and Downtown line. Bugis Junction is one of the most famous shopping centre in Singapore, while Bugis street is one of the busiest shopping area having a large variety of affordable things.

Tanjong Pagar:

Located right next to Marina Bay, Tanjong Pagar had been considered as a middle-class area for a long time but got its status elevated in the most recent years – all thanks to the young couples and high net-worth individuals and professionals coming in. A premium stay near this area would be Singapore’s Riverfront Residences Condo. This place is best for those professionals who are foodies and love dining experience. Everything in this area is at a walking distance, so you can surely save some transport money. Moreover, there are some co-working spaces available for freelancers and start-up businesses.

Tiong Bahru:

Located at one of Singapore’s oldest residential neighbourhoods, Tiong Bahru has undergone gentrification in recent years with art deco walk-ups and green patches. The neighbourhood is a prime real estate for a slew of pop-up cafes and boutiques that have recently moved in. This area is particularly good for professionals due to its proximity to the central business centre, which is just 15 minutes’ walk away.

Joo Chiat:

Marine Parade and Joo Chiat are now becoming the top priority of young professionals because of their affordability. The area is accessible either through bus or taxi and has many shopping points throughout. It is situated near Katong – the heart of Singapore’s traditional culture. You can have a diverse range of housing options including apartments, condos, walk-ups and leased houses. Most of the house and apartments are spacious and comfortable. It is a very social area and thus great for families. Apart from its affordability, Joo Chiat has a peculiar Asian charm which cannot be found anywhere else in Singapore.

Holland Village:

Though a little expensive, Holland Village is the destination of business people and professionals, who want comfort with luxury. The area is preferred by young families because of its proximity to schools, botanical gardens and MRT station on The Circle Line. Holland village is famous among western expats, especially because there is a lot of western influence in this area. The location is known for being pretty pricey since you are paying basically to live in a royal village, so there is going to be a lot of high-end HDB’s condos apartments and even really expensive homes.

For those who have their own mode of transportation such as a car or a motorbike, they have a better range of houses to choose from as Singapore is easy to get around with highways and tunnels that connect the different towns together. So, for those who wouldn’t mind living a luxury but serene life further away from the hustle and bustle then places like The Tre Ver and Belgravia Green’s semi-detached houses are perfect for young professionals who appreciate the tranquillity of these condos too.

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