Top 3 Reasons Why SHR Hair Removal Is So Well-Received

You are probably familiar with IPL treatments by now, but wait till you hear about SHR (Super Hair Removal) – the laser treatment quickly making headway in the beauty scene, and for good reason too!

In short, SHR hair removal is the super (no pun intended!) laser treatment for hair removal in Singapore – allow us to explain why:

1. Proven safe & backed by research

There are now multiple clinical studies proving SHR as a safe and effective laser hair removal treatment.

By repeatedly exposing the hair follicles to short energy pulses as opposed to single pulses of high heat energy, the damage done is minimal at best – all without compromising on top-notch results.

This also means larger treatment coverage using SHR – at our salon, this means up to 22 areas – starting from your upper lip, all the way down to your feet and toes.

2. Pain-free with zero downtime

Conventional laser hair removal methods typically use large amounts of heat energy to destroy hair follicles at its base to prevent it from growing back.

This has raised several concerns of harm being caused to the skin and other minor side effects – such as skin redness and tenderness.

Fortunately with SHR, this doesn’t occur! By using multiple laser shots performed at much lower temperatures in “sweeping” motions, hair follicles are reduced or removed in a much more gentle manner, minimizing its impact on the skin in the process.

We use our unique Princess Gel™ as part of your SHR hair removal treatment – with cooling, moisturizing and whitening properties, this ensures that every session is maximized to the fullest!

SHR isn’t known as the “lunchtime procedure” for nothing – the procedure takes no longer than an hour or two – a small price to pay (if any) for hair-free skin!

3. Works for every skin type

The beauty of SHR technology is that it is completely safe – even for those with sensitive and darker skin.

Since the wavelengths used during SHR hair removal is tailored to each specific individual, combined with our Princess Gel™ – patients need not worry about having to avoid tanning, or suffer from redness after the treatment, making it the ideal choice for performing all year round!

Our specially manufactured Princess Gel™  also comes with plenty of skin-boosting benefits – containing plant-based microbeads that synergizes with light from the laser, attain moisturized and fairer skin just in time for your next summer vacation!

Depending on your specific hair type and skin condition, you will need anywhere between 6 to 18 times in order to see the full transformation, with noticeable results starting from the first few sessions!

Think you are ready to feel the difference?

With all the aforementioned benefits, we bet you can’t wait to get started!

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Book your first FREE consultation with us and feel the SHR difference today!

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