Unconventional Foods To Serve Up On Your Wedding Day

Most couples tend to get a little bit too traditional when it comes to their weddings, which is a huge shame. Weddings are supposed to be when a couple is able to fully express their personality however they please or want. This includes the food that they choose for catering.

Having said that, we rounded up a couple of unusual catering ideas for your wedding that you will love – and your guests will love even more.

1. Mexican food

It doesn’t technically have to be purely Mexican food, but most people couldn’t really care less if it’s authentic Mexican food or Tex-Mex. Most see a taco, burrito or an enchilada and Mexican food will come to mind and they’ll devour it gladly.

Your guests will likely be the same as well.

Mexican food is great for weddings because they give guests a lot of options compared to conventional wedding catering options. It’s very easy to have different spreads for people who are vegetarian, people who prefer a lot of meat, and for those who’d just like to eat salad. Caterers might even be able to throw in a gluten-free option for the pickier guests.

2. Barbeques

Nothing says more than the outdoors than barbeques, so why should you not get bbq catering in Singapore for your wedding?

One good reason why barbeque wedding catering works is because of how affordable it is and instantly turns what would most likely be an uptight occasion into something more relaxed and laid back. Not to mention, the barbeque itself can become quite the attraction. After all, who doesn’t love it when the meat is sizzling above the grill?

3. Wood-Fired Pizza

Have you ever tasted wood-fired pizza? If not, then you definitely should as soon as you can. But, if you have, then probably understand why it’s something that a lot of people should taste at least once in their lifetime.

That’s something that you can do for your wedding guests.

Delight your guest’s stomachs with wood-fired pizzas that are cooked right there and then. You can make things even more exciting by letting them choose their own toppings. So, in a way, you’re letting your guests make their own pizza.

Also, just like barbeques, part of the reason why wood fired pizza is great for weddings is because of the visual attraction.

4. Donuts

More and more couples are serving donuts at their weddings, and for good reason – who doesn’t love donuts?

They aren’t only visually appealing but they are extremely yummy and easy to serve to guests as well. You can even up the ante and try something riskier like donut walls.

5. Cupcake cakes

Cakes might be “expected” on your wedding, but they’re definitely not necessary. Instead, you can opt for something just as sweet and as delicious, yet a whole lot cheaper, in the form of cupcake cakes.

For the same price as a wedding cake, you can get multi-tiered cupcake cakes plus wedding favours to give away to your guests in the form of matching boxed up mini cakes.

There are plenty of times to go traditional, and there are facets of your wedding that you’re betting off sticking with what’s worked before. However, catering is something that you can freely experiment with without compromising anything.

These ideas should help give you a sense of how you can pull off an unusual catering idea for your wedding and still make sure that all of your guests leave with a full stomach.

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