Understanding How To Remove Cystic Acne Successfully

You cannot confuse acne with cystic acne. While the former is more common, the latter is not, and one of the major factors behind the breakout of cystic acne is hormonal changes during puberty, but it can occur in aged people too. Nevertheless, you should stay calm if you have cystic acne because the stress can make the breakout worse.

What effects can cystic acne have on you?

While other acne like pimples may live a short life, cystic acne are stubborn and tend to push you to your limits to get them treated. They can take a serious toll on you and have the following negative effects:

  • Depression
  • Decrease in confidence
  • Reduced social outings
  • Emotional distress (because of the deformity it can cause on your face)
  • It can also breakout on your back and shoulders.
  • Losing the will to fight it after a few, unsuccessful attempts

The Acne Scar Treatment Options You Have

  • Benzoyl Peroxide

It is for people with severe acne conditions like cystic acne. Available from pharmacies, Benzoyl peroxide works by breaking up comedones and killing bacteria, while also cleansing your skin.

  • Steroid Injections

Corticosteroid medication (also called triamcinolone) injected directly into the cyst can prevent scarring and reduce inflammation, however there may be short-lived side-effects.

  • Incision

A dermatologist-approved acne scar treatment that involves incising the affected area to drain the pus and other debris. Do not try it yourself at home!

  • Birth Control Pills

Long term acne treatment in women can involve the regular use of birth control pills which quashes sebum production. Spironolactone (a synthetic drug) may also be prescribed that inhibits androgens.

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