What Affects The Ceramic Braces Cost In Singapore

Ceramic braces solve the aesthetic drawback of metal braces to a great extent. The use of ceramic material in the brackets of the braces helps to blend well into the teeth colour and reduces the noticeable appearance of the metallic wire. Though ceramic braces may cost about $1,000 more than your usual traditional braces in Singapore, it is without a doubt more visually appealing.

So, before you decide to get ceramic braces, here are the few factors that affect the cost of such braces in Singapore.


Regardless of the type of braces, whether they are metal braces or clear braces, the average duration most braces are worn is 24 months which totals up to two years. The length of the period again depends on the type of braces, the kind of treatment your teeth requires, oral hygiene and proper maintenance. The routine and oral hygiene also determine the duration to a certain extent.

Many patients end up paying more for ceramic braces because of preventable problems such as broken braces due to bad handling and slow alignment due to lack of proper oral routine. Avoiding foods that are sticky and interfere with the arrangement of braces can reduce the damage and appointment costs. Keeping braces clean with proper oral hygiene is crucial to cutting down the cost of ceramic braces.

Age of the patient

More than 50% of people in Singapore who wear braces are adults. But the cost of considering ceramic braces to fix the teeth alignment in adults is more than that of children. However, the difference for ceramic braces cost in Singapore between adults and kids is not huge, in fact, it is only about $200 to $250.

But the difference can be huge for adults where minor teeth alignment problems have progressed into some serious dental issues. So, make sure you find the right orthodontist to assess the right time for your kids to get braces fixed, and one that is able to fulfil any other dental needs that you might have.

How much do ceramic braces cost

The ceramic braces cost in Singapore is between a range of $4,300 to $6,300, depending on where you are getting the treatment done.

The braces made using ceramic material are brittle and fragile so it needs to be handled with care when eating hard foods. The ceramic material gets stained easily and hence should be cleaned thoroughly after drinking and eating foods that stain the teeth. A good orthodontist in Singapore can suggest you braces that suit your teeth alignment requirements after conducting few tests which include x-rays. Some dentists may suggest a combination of metal braces and ceramic braces to which can result in good savings for you where metal braces are fixed on the lower teeth and ceramic ones on the visible upper teeth.

Keep in mind that the cost of ceramic braces is not fixed and fluctuates based on different factors such as duration of the braces and age of the individual. So, make sure you do enough research before you decide to go for clear braces.

Can you medical insurance for ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are not considered a medical procedure in Singapore and hence are not covered by most dental insurance plans. However, if the misalignment of teeth is causing severe health issues such as grinding of teeth, jaw pain, gum diseases, and tooth decay, then there are chances of getting them reimbursed under dental insurance.

Your orthodontist should be able to determine whether the procedure can be covered under medical insurance as a necessary medical procedure even if the medical insurance does not cover orthodontic procedures. However, for most people, dental procedures are not covered under insurance. Therefore, it is crucial to know the cost beforehand to see if you can afford and are willing to pay the sum for the treatment.

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