What to Expect of the New Advanze Aire Flex Mattress

Our newly launched DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ offers you an elevated way of rest, designed with essential features and leading sleep technologies for a comfortable, refreshing sleeping experience. This cooling mattress joins the DETENSE® mattress collection which offers anti-static fabric that minimises movement during sleep and reduces accumulated static stress from your body for deeper sleep.

Integrated with revolutionary Japanese technology, the ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ regulates overall mattress temperature and increases airflow for a cooling night of sleep. Featuring high elasticity and durability, this mattress also retains the signature Silk-feel eco-fibers fabric for high breathability, faster cooling ability, better heat dispersion, and luxurious soft touch.

Let’s explore more on the main features of the DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattress.

1. Advanze Aire Flex

Made with all-new Japanese technology, the Advanze Aire Flex™ aims to decrease the overall temperature of the mattress, while improving airflow with new breathable material. Through the Advanze Aire Flex™, you can also rest assured that the mattress is anti-microbial and eco-friendly too.

Another feature of this technology is it helps in reducing any muscle exertion when people are asleep due to its multi-dimensional support and high rebound function. Overall, you can expect to sleep cooler and more comfortably throughout the night.

2. Anti-static technology

Throughout the day, our bodies pick up and store negative charges known as static electricity. This static electricity is a major cause of why we feel anxious and irritated. With the DETENSE ArcticSilk® fabric and technology, this essential feature aims to reduce the built-up static electricity charges in our body and disperse it into the air.

When the tension and static electricity is released during sleep, you will feel less lethargic, reduce the amount of tossing and turning in bed, and wake up feeling well-rested the next day.

3. Natural latex

For many, pain relief is an important factor to consider when it comes to choosing the ideal mattress. With the use of natural latex, the DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ can support the sleeper’s natural curvature of their spine, which aids in relieving any discomfort throughout the night.

Natural latex mattresses also provide good pressure distribution, and have a natural resistance to mould and dust mites for better health and sleep hygiene.

4. Cooling gel infused memory foam

One great benefit of gel infused memory foam is its ability to draw heat away from the body. This provides an overall cooler sleeping surface for the individual. Gel infused memory foam also has a signature plush feel, which reduces motion transfer such as tossing and turning with a partner to minimise sleeping disruptions in the middle of the night.

The mattress also features 5 Zone Individual Pocketed Spring which conforms to your body’s contour to provide the ideal support for your body. Combined with the gel infused memory foam, these features can help relieve pressure on the joints, allowing your spine to align properly when you sleep.


If you are looking for a luxurious new mattress to replace your current one, you can’t go wrong with DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattress! This mattress offers many great benefits that help you in getting a good night’s sleep – it is also treated for anti-microbial, anti-dust mite, anti-fungus and anti-allergy.

Experience the luxurious feel of our DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattress first-hand! You can also complete your bedroom with our selection of bed frames, storage beds and bedding accessories.

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